Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Wondeful Week/end!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. The crappy weather aside, we had a nice relaxing one! We had no set plans, and boy was it nice!!!

Saturday I slept in and then we got up and went to breakfast at Harris County Barbecue. It was so yummy I am still thinking about it. Saturday night was "The Fight". I am referring to the UFC 71, but by "The Fight" I do mean the one that took place in Las Vegas and the one that took place in the V household! Jimmy wanted to go watch it a friends house and leave me home alone. This was not happening. HELLO! I'm home everyday with JD, what makes you'd think I'd enjoy spending Saturday evening at home with JD?? Of course, I didn't tell him this. I pouted when he asked if I would mind if he went. He even offered to take JD with him. Normally I'd said yes and been eternally grateful; however, I knew this was just his way of getting on my good side so that he didn't feel guilty. He forgets I'm a genius and figured this out on my own. He also forgot that he can be a complete 'tard! "Yes honey, I think it would be a fine idea to take our 2-year old son to a friend's child-less house. A house with some serious home entertainment equipment that JD will love to climb on. A house where there's no such thing as outlet covers, cabinet locks, or TOYS of all things. A house that will be filled with stupid boys who say bad words and will probably have JD farting and belching the alphabet before he leaves! Oh, and of course it doesn't matter that he's in the middle of a nap - wake him! Oh, and don't worry about him being up until 10:30, that's only 2 hours past his bedtime, who needs a schedule anyways?? Have fun!" Uhh....I think not! So, Jimmy left b/c I refuse to be that wife who tells her husband he can't go somewhere. Instead, I wait until he walks out the door, start crying, pour myself some water (because I AM pregnant) right about the time he's looking into the kitchen before pulling away in hopes he sees me and feels AWFUL. This doesn't work, so I call him with a stupid question, but he can tell I'm crying. He comes home aggravated and we talk. How bad am I? This is what pregnancy can do to a girl! Make her insane!!!!

Oh, and for some more fight commentary, check out Big Mama's UFC 71 recap!

Sunday, we ran some more errands and then had a nice evening at home with my in-laws. I made lasagna for my family and my dear friend, D's family.

A little update on B: He's doing better. He's home and putting on weight, which is GREAT news. The hard part is they still aren't sure why B won't eat. This is the battle they are currently fighting. He has nurses that come throughout the day and therapists that come for every imaginable thing! Bless his heart, he is getting better! The feeding tube can remain in place up to 6 months now. This solely depends on how he's doing and if he'll eat on his own! Keep the prayers coming!!

Monday, we celebrated the day of memorial in the rain. Hubs made some delicious ribs and we ate ALL DAY!!! It was much fun!!!

I'm not sure I'll get to post tomorrow before Jimmy and I head of town. This depends on how much I get done today, and seeing that I'm blogging instead of cleaning/washing/packing - so far, not so good. Anyways...Jimmy and I leave town tomorrow for Las Vegas!! I can hardly wait!

I'm not a gambler. I can't justify losing money to a dealer when I could purchase some things I really NEED - new shoes, a new COACH purse, some new sunglasses, etc. Jimmy on the other hand, does enjoy it and will be playing in the WSOP (that's the World Series of Poker) tournament. We are leaving tomorrow evening, so we'll have all day Thursday and Friday to hang together before the tournament starts. I hope to not see him Saturday AT ALL and then hope we have to change our flight to Monday morning - this will mean he's doing good and hopefully our house worries will be gone. Ok...a girl can dream! I look forward to doing NOTHING!!!! I will have no child to look after...I'm not really sure what that feels like but I imagine it's refreshing!!! I will miss Mr. JD with my whole heart, but momma can't wait for some R&R. I plan on getting some major pampering done. I also plan on eating everything in sight and laying by the pool. I have bought two new books, an iPod (I'm like a real person now), and a cute new pair of shoes for any walking I might do!! I truly can not wait to do nothing!!!

Hope to post tomorrow, but if not...enjoy your week!! I'll sure enjoy mine!!

Oh, and mom, Papa Tim & Shan - thank you so much for watching JD for us! He is SOOO excited to go to his KK's house for 4 nights! This means so much to Jimmy and I. I am well aware that this will probably be the last trip the 2 of us take together for a long while!! I am MORE than blessed to be able to leave my precious child with someone and know he's in the most wonderful hands. I know I'll have a lot of un-spoiling to do when we get back, but I couldn't ask for anything more. This child sure thinks y'all are the greatest!!!!

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Becky said...

I AM SOOOOOO JEALOUS!!!!! Have an awesome time in Vegas!