Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm In For It!

I'm pretty sure I had a glimpse into the future today. Or maybe it was a flashback of me as a teenager. It was a wee bit scary.

I was busy in the kitchen slaving over the stove to prepare a hot meal for my son. JD's top choices right now are chicken and noodles, so today it was Tereyaki Noodles courtesy of Lipton Sides.

I was almost done preparing lunch when I told him (stupid me), "After lunch and your nap, we'll go outside for a while!" Well, I said the "o" word, and this is up there with the four-letter words in our household. A no-no. That's all he needed to hear. "Outside? Outside? Where keys mommy, outside?" Ugh!!!

Of course once I told him we were NOT going outside right now, we had a melt down. Stopping feet, crying, turning in circles - full fledged tantrum. I calmly told him to eat and then we'll go outside. It was then that he screamed, "NO, RIGHT NOW!!!" and then turned around, ran into the hallway, and slammed the door!!

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