Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am about to call it a night but thought I'd hop on for a minute and say adios! Hubby and I head out tomorrow afternoon for Vegas! I am so ready. I need a weekend away with my MAN for sure!! I can't lie and say the whole 4-days-kidless thing sounds pretty dang good too. I will miss those little ones like crazy, but mama and daddy are needing a break for sure. I just feel like it's been one of those months and I can tell I have been yelling more than normal. So, I look so forward to coming home relaxed and with some more patience.

JD is so excited about spending the whole weekend at KK's house. Every morning this past week he has woken up and asked me "How many more days until I get to sleep at KK's house?" SUPER EXCITED!!! He loves that lday so much!!!

A few more funny JD stories...I do not make these up...they happen daily around here!

This morning we were sitting on the couch watching MM Clubhouse when I noticed JD blowing on his hand? He had a scratch but when I asked him what was wrong he said, "My screwdriver bit me!"

Yesterday we were up at our office and he was sitting in one of our co-workers laps coloring. He was telling her about seeing the movie Wall-E with PawPaw (last summer) and Kim was asking who PawPaw was. JD's reply, "Well...PawPaw, he goes with Nana. And he has a big muscle on her arm and he makes it jump!" It cracks me up what information they choose to remember and share.

This morning we made french toast for bfast and I served him some blueberries with the toast. He proceeded to pick out a couple that I had mushed a little and said, "I don't want those. They are still bleeding!"

That kid cracks me up!!!

Kenz is also equally as excited about going to KK's. She told me so. It's probably the nonstop attention and food. She cracks me up!

Speaking of food...

We tried out this new (not that new) little cajun place last night. Mama's Cajun Kitchen and it was WONDERFUL!!! Jimmy and I both love crawfish and all things New Orlean's-style but it's hard to find anything comparable except Pappadeaux and we just don't live close enough anymore. This place looked like it might be one of those really good mom-and-pop kind of places and it was!!! We had DELCIOUS crawfish! They were still pretty small b/c it's early but the seasoning was FAB!! Don't even try to tell me about Willies...theirs pale in comparison to Pappadeaux and MCK! Their gumbo was also delicious! It was cajun without being too "in your face cajun!" YUM!!!!

Ok. Enough talk about our dinner last night. I am getting hungry! I am going to head to dinner instead!! I am hoping tomorrow afternoon will be hear as quickly as possible! We take off at 7:25 tomorrow evening. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a tad bit nervous! All these stories about plane crashes have gotten me a bit anxious. If you think of us tomorrow evening...say a prayer for our pilot!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Morning Y'all!

So, I was hoping to repost with adorable pictures in response to my last post. But sadly, no. This mama just ain't ontop of her game like she used to me. BUT, pictures will be coming in the near future, I promise!

So, this passt week/weekend we enjoyed one of those "first." I think it's one of those milestones sooo many of us imagine when we first give birth to our little boy's. It's that moment that as much as you don't want to rush time, you look forward to!! It is....T-Ball!!! JD started T-Ball this past week. He's only had practices and won't start with actual games until the week after Spring Break, but y'all, we couldn't be more excited. I don't know who's more excited, Daddy and I or JD. He's in what they call "Instructional T-Ball." And boy, are they right, there are a lot of instructions going on. JD is once of the younger ones on the team (they start at age 4 and since he just turned 4 last month...) but at times you can't even tell. And at other times, you can. They are so dang cute though.

So far, catchinging a grounder, throwing the ball and running the bases have been the main focus. By the end of last practice JD was doing much better on the grounder process. He throws the ball pretty well when he SLOWS down. He gets a little over-excited and forgets to go through the whole process, especially the "step." And well, running the bases...that one is proving to be a little difficult as well. Again, he get's a "little excited" and just takes off. He knows where FIRST his, but when you are that dang excited you will run anywhere!!! It's so dang cute. The first practice he took off running for what we had hoped was first and kept going, and going, and going. It was hi-lar-ious!!! He was on such a mission and it took the coach running to catch him to get him to turn around. He's one of those (like his daddy) that gets in the zone and there is no distracting them. It was defintely one of those moments we will be embarrassing him with in front of a girl one day.

The girl is also enjoying the practices. Of course, she wears me out as I am chasing her around the whole time. The good news is, JD is on the Yankees and MacKenzie will have plenty of adorable outfits to cheer her brother on in!! Yea!

Kenzie is such a crazy child. Goodness me. I have said it a million times before and it only proves truer and trues with each passing day. She is an absolute source of entertainment for her father and me. I swear, I love her so intensely one minute and then the next...while still loving her, I want to scream. There are not words to describe this child.

As I type, she is sitting in a kitchen chair next to me (pulled away from the table so that she does not climb up and stand on it) with her shirt off (because she decided to paint herself in syrup after eating french toast) sucking every drop of juice out of an apple slice. She eats all day. Seriously.

Here are some pictures of that crazy child...

A day of this...

Ends like this

Feeding Time!




Friday, February 13, 2009

In Need of a Backscratcher!

So, it's true. Something I never thought would happen again has. Something I assumed I was never going to experience after our bout with colic again. I figured that those LOOONNGG, AWFUL, STRESSFUL months of colic would have kept this from happening ever again. But NO. No, here I am again...

Nope, I am not pregnant. But ohmyword, I have the itch. I have Baby Fever like never before. It's driving me crazy. Seriously crazy. So, I would like to ask all you to please stop posting the adorable pictures of y'alls precious newborns (Amanda) and stop sharing all the great news about your due dates and what you are having and what names you have picked out (Monica, Ree, Kate) because seriously y'all, you are not helping me out here!!!

Oh, I am kidding. Not about the itch, but do keep sharing. Amanda, that sweet girl might be the cutest thing I have ever laid eyes. She is BEAUTIFUL seriously. And yes, please keep telling me all about how sweet they are and how their baby smell is just the greatest thing since fresh sliced banana nut bread. Oh, and do keep telling me all about those sleepless nights and those HUGE, sore, Pam-style engorged breatisis. Because really, I need this itch to be scratched and by scratched I mean go away, and by go away I mean that I have come to the realization that being outnumbered as a parent is not something we want, rather than being 'with baby'. Unless that is what God wants for my family. And IF that is what He wants, please let a bolt of lighting strike my husband (in a good way) and make him want that too. Geese. It's bad. So bad that I have considered really begging Jimmy for a third. I have also already calculated out the birthdate if I were to get pregnant,, and I don't like the outcome. I really don't want another baby born between the months of October and January. No...between Kenzie's birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and JD's birthday we are a teeny tiny bit busy and a teeny tiny bit spent (and yes spent in the literal since, as in we done spent all our money). So...that is what I am using to convinence myself that three is not for me. That and my over-the-top dramatic, demanding, exhausting little darling of a girl that I love so much. All that being said, I was skimming through the January issue of Parents and came across an article in the back about your parenting style and it is directly related to your astrological sign. Now, I don't typically buy into any of this and never really even read them, unless to scoff at how far off they are. BUT...I was sitting there with nothing better todo (ok, I was on the pot) and read it. It said yada, yada, yada and then there was a final random note. I read others as well just to see if they were all the same and no. Some were about your work life or your social life or your kid's life or your kid's social life. Mine?!! Well, mine was about me and my "significant other" and how we will have a good year and enjoy an "intimate vacation away together" (Caymans perhaps for our 5th anniversary?). Oh, and it also said something about "adding an addition to the family." WHAT?! Yeah, I got a little excited.

So. That's where I am at these days. Jimmy only knows a little of this. I have shared that I do indeed have baby fever an that I am fully aware of how CRAZY that is. He laughed and told me I have lost my mind. When I say laughed, I mean a crazy nervous laughter. So, I try not to scare him too much. I really would rather him not move out of the bedroom. BUT, I can share here. Afterall, it is my blog!

I am signing off now. I have a busy day tomorrow and really need to get some sleep. We are all crazy like that here on a Friday night.

I will be blogging later this weekend. We had a special couple of days with JD and after I get pictures, I will blog about it. Oooo....I got you on the edge of your seats now, eh?!


Monday, February 09, 2009

The Cowboy and The Horse

JD has a wee-bit of an imagination. It's really funny because he is a constant source of entertainment for his daddy and I. I have an imagination as well, which would be why staying home alone when Jimmy is out of town is not such a good idea. When JD starts to tell a story, we never know what's going to come out. Or whether it's true or not for that matter. Tonight was quite the same...

While in the bathtub he started in on a good one...
----"Mom, I am going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a boy, a cowboy named JD. He had a horse, and a gun, and a sword."
"Oh, yeah? And what was his horses name?"
"No. Rad-i-cal!"
"Oh, Rad-i-cal! And what did the cowboy and the horse do?"
"They played hide-n-seek and duck, duck goose!"
"Where did the horse hide?"
"Behind the fence"
"And the coowboy named JD?"
"Under his covers in his bed"
"Did the horse find him?"
"Yeah. Rad-i-cal looked everywhere. Then he looked in my room but didn't see me. Then there was another door that went to the bathroom and he looked there. Then there was another door that went to the clothes pantry, and he looked there. But then he looked in the covers and found the cowboy."
"What happened next?"
"Mom, you need to bathe me now!"

And that was the end. Gotta love it! I defintely like how he refers to his closet as the "clothes pantry!"


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Happy Belated Birthdays!

Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Tis true! My boy is an official 4 year old. Seriously?! How did this happen?! Goodness me...time is flying by. The saddest part? Right now JD really wants to grow up. So much so that at times when I tell him to wait he starts crying because, "Mama, but I really want to be big like Daddy and Uncle Matt right now!" Which is funny, that he cried about that. Haha.

He's all growed up and reminds me of this daily, whether he verablly tells me or shows me through his actions. He's getting so independent. But luckily, he still my little boy. He's a snuggler and loves to hug and be held. I enjoy this tremendously because MacKenzie is not into the cuddling. She's been nicknamed the "10 Seconds" because that's all you get. She'll hold her hands up or try to climb in your lap...for 10 seconds...and then she's done. Haha!

JD had a construction birthday party. It was a blast. We narrowed down our guest list this year to just the kiddos his age that he really knows. I asked what friends he wanted to invite and we invited those he really knows. I unfortunately did not take many pictures and I forgot to get those that my Nana took off her camera. So, instead I am stealing those my mom took and reposting here...

The table with the yummy cupcakes and dumptruck full of dirt (oreo cookies)

The Birthday Boy at the "painting station"


Pinata Time!

His friends waiting for their turn at the pinata

Sister in her MUDCAKE ORIGINALS Construction Outfit

I'd also like to wish a Happy Birthday to our wonderful Pa Tim!!! And a special Happy Birth-Day to the beautiful Annabeth Ellen Jones!!!! We are so happy you are here and I can not wait to meet you!! I am so excited about the fun times your mama has ahead of her. Girls are just something else!! That Big Brother of yours better watch out, you are going to be getting into all of his toys in NO TIME!!!! Love ya'll!!!