Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Cute New Pics!

JD Posing
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little Cheese!
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BIG Cheese!
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Time to Color...
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...Or Time to Eat
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The dreaded "Mother's Day Out Drop-off" went a lot better today. We still had a few tears, but no shrieks. I made JD walk from the car to the classroom instead of carrying him and it seems to have done the trick. He actually walked all the way into the classroom, before turning around and realizing what he'd just done.

I had to explain the bandage on JD's hand to the teacher's of course. He looks like a burn victim (we know what this looks like because we have been there and done that). We have been living out of our suitcase this weekend and living at my mom's and Jimmy's mom's house. Our a/c went out on Friday (yes, the same day Jimmy went out of town) and I refused to deal with it - I figure I cook, clean, do the laundery, etc. - Jimmy can handle calling the a/c company. Anyways...we came home yesterday because the weather was a lot cooler and therefore made the house somewhat liveable. I was busy catching up on work emails and Jimmy was on the phone with the cable company (another thing that went out Friday afternoon) when I heard JD start screaming. I found him on my bed with the contents of my toiletry bag all over the place. He found my razor and did a number on his hand. Of course, he cut the fatty area between his thumb and forefinger - also known as the "worst place to keep a bandaid area". Well, if you remember the previous post, you know JD is a bit of a drama king/hypochondriac. He does okay not seeing the bo-bo, but the minute that band-aid comes off he SCREAMS! Regardless of the band-aid or ace bandage around his hand (arm) he doesn't fail to remind us 20 times a day that he has a bo-bo. So, yes, I take him to Mother's Day Out, get him in the classroom, reassure the teachers that his hand isn't going to fall off and that I packed extra bandages, and then head home. So here I am...5-1/2 hours of quietness - except for the TW cable guys and the a/c guys!!

On another note...More reflections on JD at this stage:

He's starting to pick up the funniest things. You're always told that babies hear everything! It's so funny how true that is. You of course think of the bad things that they might hear or tones used, but you never think of the random every day stuff. For example, when Jimmy and I get home from being gone. JD greets us with, "Hi JD". Not hi mama or hi daddy, but "Hi JD!" Which makes perfect sense because that is usually the first thing we say, "Hi JD!!"

Yesterday Jimmy, JD, and I all went to the mall. We were in Dillards going up the escalator to the children's floor. Jimmy was holding JD and pointed to the mirrors that line the escalator. JD smiled and said, "Who is that?" This is because we always look in the mirror and ask, "Who's That?" Funny stuff...

Friday, September 22, 2006


I know, I know...I'm setting the bar high - 3 posts in 2 days!!

I needed something a little more uplifting after the last post. There might be 10 more tonight because JD and I will be by ourselves. Jimmy will be out of town trying to tie up so loose ends with his dad's company.

Anyways...Over the last few days I have started really seeing something new in JD. Well, not really new...I'm seeing Jimmy and I in him. Not in his appearance so much, but in his personality. It's amazing that at such a young age he's already acquiring some of our personality traits. Some are great, while others...Well, have caused Jimmy to give me a few looks and eye rolls!

It appears that JD has his mama's "drama queen...er...king" gene. He's a little on the dramatic side about EVERYTHING! I started noticing this a while back and it seems to be just getting worse. There's no in-between with him. He's either very happy (95% of the time) or we are having a MELT DOWN. One little "no" causes the biggest uproar.

He's also slightly on the hypochondriac side. It's true, I have been known to diagnose myself with pneumonia when it's a mild cold, and constantly worry about having an unknown brain tumor every time my head hurts. It seems JD is the same way. Early last week, Jimmy, JD, and I were outside after dinner playing. As JD was chasing Daddy he fell down and scratched his hand. Just this morning we were sitting on the living room floor watching JoJo's Circus when I hear JD blowing and panting like he does when something's wrong. I look over and he's got his "hurt" hand and is blowing on his palm where the scratch WAS. There is no longer a mark, but he'll still scrunch his face up and whine, "Bo bo, bo bo"!! Jimmy looks at me and shakes his head. He still does this with a scar on his belly from a carpet burn he got over a month ago (August 19th). If anyone so much as touches his belly he screams, "oww....bo bo" and scrunches his face up!

There are some mild traits of this father's as well. Let's see...The selective hearing! He seems to only hear me when I say something that interests him....Outside, juice, milk, bite, or bathtub!!

It's funny. In only the short amount of time that JD has been on this earth, he's taught us more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. Children are truly the GREATEST JOY!!!

Some RECENT pictures:

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"Cheese" He's learned to say this whenever the camera is out!

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Climbing...JD's greatest passion!

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My Sweet Boy

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JD in his Nap Sack watching Blue's Clues

Prayers Needed

Please keep my Uncle Chris and family in your prayers. He's in the trauma center in Memphis under observation from a riding accident yesterday. Julie and Chris were out riding their horses yesterday when Chris spooked one of the horses on the land (not his) that's not broken (i.e. not rideable). The horse reared up and got the lead rope caught around his leg and took off. The other end of the rope wrapped around the bottom of Chris's knee. He was dragged a while (bounching as high as 5 feet in the air) and then thrown into a tree. The paramedics came and he was life-flighted to Memphis. He never lost consciousness before the EMT's arrived, but he did flat-line on the wings and had to be revived.

He's currently in stable condition, but they are having to keep a close eye on him. He punctured one lung and bruised the other. He still has a chest tube in the punctured lung and is on a ventilator. They are still unsure as to whether they can save the punctured lung. He also has 4 broken ribs and a tear in his spleen. The leg that he was dragged by is completely broken. They are still awaiting the MRI and cat scan results from his neck and head. As of right now, the main concern is keeping him stable and watching him for signs of Pneumonia. They are checking him hourly to make sure he doesn't catch the illness.

My Nana and PawPaw are very shook up and I can only imagine what Julie is going through. Please keep them all in your prayers. He's in excruciating pain. We are hoping Chris will be moved to ICU soon and out of the trauma ward.

Thanks again for your prayers and support!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Silence is NOT Golden

First Timer...

I'm not sure what made me start one of these...maybe it was the ridiculously long email I just sent to a dear friend updating her on the family. I think it just felt good to write. I had to make myself stop because it was getting a little out of hand. Regardless...Here I am, and I promise to make a better effort on updates than I have in the past.

JD, as most of you know, is now 20 months old. This means we are 4 months away from being the parents of a two-year old. I'm not sure if that is frightening or exciting! Maybe a little of both. Jimmy is concerned that JD has already emerged into the terrible two stage. I just tell him, "No, he's a boy". He's happy and full of life! He makes us laugh - a lot - and keeps us on our toes. We've come to learn that silence is no longer golden - but a cue that someone is doing something he probably shouldn't!

Silence = JD doing one or all of the following:

- pulling the moss out of Mommy's palm tree and then throwing the dirt over the couch (how did he ever think of this???) and onto the end table! This (so far) is the only action that results in a time-out!

- sitting on the floor in front of the pantry eating his cereal of choice (either fruit loops or frosted flakes) straight from the box - and making the dog's day by sharing!

- playing in the dog's crates looking for lost kibbles and bits (I promise we do feed him)

- sitting on the computer desk playing with the mouse, or tape, or pens, or taping the pens to the mouse

- running in place (his form of dancing) on the fireplace, ottoman, couch, bed, or some other "non-dance friendly" place

- drinking from the dog's bowl

I promise he does get fussed at for the above and does know he's in trouble. I know this because when I walk-in to find him covered in dirt eating frosted flakes he says, "No JD, No No No!"

Before I sign off on my first post...I'll leave you with a laugh!!

Background information (for those who don't already know): Jimmy and I are blessed to share this wonderful parenting experience with a sister and brother-in-law. Aylie, Jimmy's sister, has a witty 4-1/2 year old daughter - Alexis and a tank of a son, Nicky, who just turned 2 - six months older than JD! Yes we know...We have some crazy years ahead of us!!

Last weekend Jimmy and JD were over at Aylie and Nick's house along with Jimmy's mama - Susan. As in our house, things got a little quiet so Jimmy and Aylie went searching for the kiddos. Again just like our house, an open bathroom door means TROUBLE!!! Aylie and Jimmy walk in to find a bathroom under water, literally. Standing water, nothing left in the toilet, and two wet boys. JD is standing there with wet clothes and a coke can, which we assume was his means of transferring the water to the floor, smiling; Nicky is next to him, trying to look very innocent because he's empty handed, with a wet strip of hair that comes to a point in the center of his forehead!! Yes...You guessed it!!! JD gave Nicky his first (and probably ONLY) swirly!! At this point you can't even fuss, because every one is sooo doubled over in laughter and you're just waiting for the boys to give each other high fives!! There's nothing better than boy cousins!

Hope you enjoyed....

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