Friday, September 22, 2006


I know, I know...I'm setting the bar high - 3 posts in 2 days!!

I needed something a little more uplifting after the last post. There might be 10 more tonight because JD and I will be by ourselves. Jimmy will be out of town trying to tie up so loose ends with his dad's company.

Anyways...Over the last few days I have started really seeing something new in JD. Well, not really new...I'm seeing Jimmy and I in him. Not in his appearance so much, but in his personality. It's amazing that at such a young age he's already acquiring some of our personality traits. Some are great, while others...Well, have caused Jimmy to give me a few looks and eye rolls!

It appears that JD has his mama's "drama" gene. He's a little on the dramatic side about EVERYTHING! I started noticing this a while back and it seems to be just getting worse. There's no in-between with him. He's either very happy (95% of the time) or we are having a MELT DOWN. One little "no" causes the biggest uproar.

He's also slightly on the hypochondriac side. It's true, I have been known to diagnose myself with pneumonia when it's a mild cold, and constantly worry about having an unknown brain tumor every time my head hurts. It seems JD is the same way. Early last week, Jimmy, JD, and I were outside after dinner playing. As JD was chasing Daddy he fell down and scratched his hand. Just this morning we were sitting on the living room floor watching JoJo's Circus when I hear JD blowing and panting like he does when something's wrong. I look over and he's got his "hurt" hand and is blowing on his palm where the scratch WAS. There is no longer a mark, but he'll still scrunch his face up and whine, "Bo bo, bo bo"!! Jimmy looks at me and shakes his head. He still does this with a scar on his belly from a carpet burn he got over a month ago (August 19th). If anyone so much as touches his belly he screams, " bo" and scrunches his face up!

There are some mild traits of this father's as well. Let's see...The selective hearing! He seems to only hear me when I say something that interests him....Outside, juice, milk, bite, or bathtub!!

It's funny. In only the short amount of time that JD has been on this earth, he's taught us more about ourselves than we could have ever imagined. Children are truly the GREATEST JOY!!!

Some RECENT pictures:

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"Cheese" He's learned to say this whenever the camera is out!

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Climbing...JD's greatest passion!

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My Sweet Boy

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JD in his Nap Sack watching Blue's Clues

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