Tuesday, September 26, 2006


The dreaded "Mother's Day Out Drop-off" went a lot better today. We still had a few tears, but no shrieks. I made JD walk from the car to the classroom instead of carrying him and it seems to have done the trick. He actually walked all the way into the classroom, before turning around and realizing what he'd just done.

I had to explain the bandage on JD's hand to the teacher's of course. He looks like a burn victim (we know what this looks like because we have been there and done that). We have been living out of our suitcase this weekend and living at my mom's and Jimmy's mom's house. Our a/c went out on Friday (yes, the same day Jimmy went out of town) and I refused to deal with it - I figure I cook, clean, do the laundery, etc. - Jimmy can handle calling the a/c company. Anyways...we came home yesterday because the weather was a lot cooler and therefore made the house somewhat liveable. I was busy catching up on work emails and Jimmy was on the phone with the cable company (another thing that went out Friday afternoon) when I heard JD start screaming. I found him on my bed with the contents of my toiletry bag all over the place. He found my razor and did a number on his hand. Of course, he cut the fatty area between his thumb and forefinger - also known as the "worst place to keep a bandaid area". Well, if you remember the previous post, you know JD is a bit of a drama king/hypochondriac. He does okay not seeing the bo-bo, but the minute that band-aid comes off he SCREAMS! Regardless of the band-aid or ace bandage around his hand (arm) he doesn't fail to remind us 20 times a day that he has a bo-bo. So, yes, I take him to Mother's Day Out, get him in the classroom, reassure the teachers that his hand isn't going to fall off and that I packed extra bandages, and then head home. So here I am...5-1/2 hours of quietness - except for the TW cable guys and the a/c guys!!

On another note...More reflections on JD at this stage:

He's starting to pick up the funniest things. You're always told that babies hear everything! It's so funny how true that is. You of course think of the bad things that they might hear or tones used, but you never think of the random every day stuff. For example, when Jimmy and I get home from being gone. JD greets us with, "Hi JD". Not hi mama or hi daddy, but "Hi JD!" Which makes perfect sense because that is usually the first thing we say, "Hi JD!!"

Yesterday Jimmy, JD, and I all went to the mall. We were in Dillards going up the escalator to the children's floor. Jimmy was holding JD and pointed to the mirrors that line the escalator. JD smiled and said, "Who is that?" This is because we always look in the mirror and ask, "Who's That?" Funny stuff...

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