Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun Run & School Pictures

This was from 2 weeks ago, I just never posted it because I hadn't added pictures!!

Two New Firsts

This morning was quite exciting. Jimmy and I got up as normal and I started getting ready to take JD to MDO, except that today was not a normal MDO day - it was FUN RUN!!! This is got to be the cutest thing so far at The Met. JD wore his UT track suit and although he didn't quite understand all the excitement, he was excited nonetheless to be going to "schooool" as he calls it.

We got JD to school at his normal time (9am) and 20 minutes later the fun began. The FUN RUN was set up indoors due to the wet weather and it was the cutest thing. The little guys (JD's age) are strapped into there large strollers (they seat 9 kiddos) and are pushed around the course. There are checkered flags, comes, and balloons. Each student has a normal on their back that gets punched after each lap. So many parents were there on all the kiddos!! It was precious.

Jimmy and I were on the far side of the "track" so when JD was getting near he spotted us, you could see him looking and then his face lit up when he realized it was his "mama and daddy". He waved and cheered everytime he saw us!! We took a ton of pictures and a video!! I don't even know how many laps they did, I was so buys clapping and waving!

I must say, I truly love the MDO program he is in. I have talked to three seperate woman and have all gotten the same response - they love The Met's Lamb School. One lady drives from Magnolia 3 days a week because she loves it so much. I have grateful that God has blessed us with such an amazing preschool program!! JD is grateful as well!!!

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"I'm all ready!!!"

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"Here we go!!"

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"Yea!!! Lap 10!!!"

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"Is this thing over yet??"'s time. Time to capture a moment in time. We've all been there and done it - you usually dislike more than you like. There's no better way to capture akwardness and bad hair in one snapshot. You guessed it - school pictures!!

JD had school pictures today at MDO. Here are a couple I took myself before leaving!!

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Handomse just like my daddy!

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He's squatting because I was squatting taking the picture!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Keeper

As a mother you are not just there to feed and clothe your little ones, but you become their sole keeper of all things....

Although I only have a son, I'm pretty sure I can somewhat relate to having a daughter, seeing how I myself have been a girl (a girly one at that) for 23 years, 16 of those spent with a sister (as non-girly as they come). Regardless of gender though, you become the designated keeper/protector/fixer, etc of all their most prized posessions. I am not talking about the antique rocking chair handed down from a grandmother or an engraved glass bootie from a godparent, but much more important items. These items may seem so silly to the naked (non-parent) eye, but those of us who have witnessed a melt down over a lost lovey or a misplaced pebble know better. Just this morning I was deemed responsible for 1 leaf, 2 acorns, and 4 pebbles. All which I am expected to have in my hands the minute I pick JD up from school. No, he did not tell me this, but I could see the trust in his eyes when he handed me (okay, when I pried) the goodies from his clentched fist before going into his class at Mothers Day Out. We have to leave the house 10 minutes earlier than normal because of the ten stops from the car to the front door of the Church to pick up more goodies. I am still counting my blessings that so far, the items have not been moving ones!

Girls are the same way though...mother's of girls get to hold onto barettes and chapstick. Or if you have the more adventourous type like my neice, lady bugs and rolly pollys. I can't tell you how many ladybugs we've had to and will continue to glue back together because they were accidentally crused in mommy's purse or Aunt Stephanie set her glass down on top of one. We've gotten so despeate that when all out of super glue, red nail polish did the trick and added a little flair!

In honor of becoming a pebble/acorn/leaf keeper, I am going to start writing down in JD's Journal (I no longer call it a baby book because as he keeps reminding me, he's not really a baby anymore) the items I collect for him. It starts like this:

leafs (of all shapes and sizes - we don't discriminate)
acorn hats ( that's what I call the little brown part that falls off the acron)
rocks (his person FAV)
crickets (usually they are dead by the time I get to hold them - he's likes to squish them)
Bby (his blanket that he sleeps with and that goes everywhere)
Bear (see above - change baby to bear)
his other bear
his stuffed dog
his other stuffed dog that's the size of JD

I am sure there will be more by the time I am finish writing this, but you have the idead for now.

I have to come to see my place as JD's mama - the keeper of all things boy!!!

Monday, October 09, 2006

A FuN WeEk!!

We had a very good week with JD!! We did a lot of things and he had a blast! I thought I'd share a few photos!

These are of JD after bath time!
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Here are a few of JD at Beyond Bounce. This is a gym-like place with several activites for infants on up! He loves it here!
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JD loves his legos, and not because he likes to play with the blocks!
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He LOVES his bear, dog and blanket!

Friday Jimmy and I took JD to Chucky Cheese for lunch! It was his first time and he said, "Wow" when we walked in.
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JD's talking to Chucky!
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Sunday, Shannon, Nicole, and I took JD to the zoo. The weather was GORGEOUS and we had such a good time. He really enjoyed seeing all the animals! HIs favorite was the water area and the popsicle he got at the end of the day!
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JD and Aunt Shannon
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JD in a Bald Eagles nest - pointing to his "bo bo"
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Shannon and JD in a prairie dog hole
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JD brushing the Goat
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JD and his popsicle
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JD in the tree!
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Mama and JD
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Messy Boy!
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Hope you enjoyed!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is it Time?

So not a lot of new stuff going on around here...but we have had one big milestone!! JD has started telling us when he has to go poo poo!!! He holds his diaper and says "I poo, poo". Yesterday he told us before he went, but he was a little scared of the big potty!! So what did I do...well, race to Target of course to find the best potty out there! Here's how it went between the hubby and I...

J: "Which one do you want?"
S: "I don't know....that ones neat" - the most expensive one of course!
J: "Well, what's wrong with that one?"
S: "Nothing, it's just not very fancy"
J: "It's a potty"
S: "I know, but I don't want him to be scared of it"
J: "He was scared of the big potty, that's different"
S: "Yeah, but I want him to like it and feel rewarded"
J: "What about us and every other kid who learned on a regular potty - we all did just fine"
S: "Fine, get whatever you want" - I know how to win this one!
J: "I'm not picking it out - I'm just saying"
S: "Nope, get whatever, I don't care, let's just go"
J: "I'm not picking it out, just get what you want"
S: "Okay! Got it! Let's Go!"
Jimmy looks at the one I picked out and rolls his eyes! He was a bit grumpy so I thought I'd just ignore him, well, until we checked out and had to discuss what Starbucks drink we wanted!! Haha - thank goodness for Starbucks!

Anyways...I still think JD being potty trained is still a ways off, but I guess were headed in the right direction! I'll keep you all updated!

Monday, October 02, 2006

I Walked the Race

So...Saturday I participated in the Race for the Cure downtown. For those of you who don't know what that is - it's a race that the Susan B Koman foundation does in Houston in support of finding a cure for breast cancer. I walked with a team - JFA, which is Jamie's Figting Army. It's a team that was put together in honor of Jamie Neslony, who passed away one year today after a long 8-year battle with breast cancer. I walked along side her husband and children, siblings, mother, and many friends - to say the least, it was humbling.

I don't know that it is possible to fully begin to understand what it must be like to lose a mother or child until you are a parent, and then even after that fully understanding is a ways off. I spent a good deal of the time watching Taryn, which is Jamie's only daughter. I was completely blown away by her strength and courage. She is truly a child of God, and one that does and will continue to make her mother so very proud. My heart ached for her because she has no idea what is to come. I've already gone through two major life events that every daughter needs her mother for. Taryn didn't even graduate from college before her mom passed. I know that God only gives us what we can handle, and one look at the Neslony family and you know that is true. We are talking about a husband and four children that are a testament of God's love and strength. These are four people who know that God is taking care of their wife and mother and that believe with all their hearts that they will be taken care of too. I admire everything about this family and know that they are making there mama very proud!

The race for the cure also made me think of something family. Although breast cancer doesn't run in my family, every other type of cancer does, and who know's what the future may bring. I've thought a lot about Taryn and what it must be like to loose a mother...I've also thougt a lot about what's to come for this sweet girl. There are many life events that a daughter needs a mother breaks my heart to know Taryn will have to go through these without hers!

I've walked down the isle and married the man of my dreams. I spent months preparing for that day and hours on the phone with my mama asking questions, getting advice, and needing reassurance. I knew she was a phone call away any time I needed to double check a time or ask once again if my flower choices were going to be pretty. It was my mother and Nana that I went with to get my hair done before my wedding. And it was my mama who I cried with minutes before I walked down the isle. I avoided my mama's eyes becasue I chose to - I had to or I would have been a complete basket case, but this was a choice, Taryn won't get that choice.

It was my mom I called when I found out I was pregnant. It was my mom I called after every doctor's apointment to tell her my weight gain, or the measurements of the baby, and any more big news. It was my mom and Jimmy's mom in the obgyn's office the day that we found out we were having a boy. It was my mom I called every time I got scared or worried that something was wrong with the baby! It was my mom who got my Nana in town and kept it all from me in order to surprise me at my baby shower. It was my mom I called when I knew that the day had come for my delivery. It was my mom who held my hand in the hospital bed when I cried because the contractions hurt. It was my mom who took the first pictures of my son and saw him for the first time. It was my mom who came to see me in the hospital with a mask on because we were worried she might be sick but she couldn't stand to stay home. It was my mom who stayed with JD for the first time when Jimmy and I went car shopping. It was my mom that I called every time JD was sick or cutting a tooth and I needed to vent. And's my mom who I call when I'm sad or upset. It's my mom I call when I need someone to calm me down after an argument with my husband. It's my mom I call when JD has run me crazy all day and I need a break. It's my mom I called when Jimmy's dad passed away and I needed to talk. It's my mom that takes my side when needed and makes me see the other side when I can't. It's my mom that makes my son's eyes light up the minute she walks in the door. It's mom that JD cries for when she has to leave. It's my mom on the phone when JD reaches for it and says, "KK"! It's my mom (and only my mom, not even me) that JD will let rock him to sleep. It's my mom that I will call when I find out I'm pregnant again. It's my mom that will do it all over again for another 9 months! It's my mom that will give me advice when Jimmy and I get angry at one another and want to give up. It's my mom who will always be there! It's my mom that I can only hope to be like.

I hope Taryn has a mommy figure that can help her. I hope she has someone she can go to for advice. This is one special girl and I will coninue to think about her today on the one year anniversary and for the many years to come!