Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Keeper

As a mother you are not just there to feed and clothe your little ones, but you become their sole keeper of all things....

Although I only have a son, I'm pretty sure I can somewhat relate to having a daughter, seeing how I myself have been a girl (a girly one at that) for 23 years, 16 of those spent with a sister (as non-girly as they come). Regardless of gender though, you become the designated keeper/protector/fixer, etc of all their most prized posessions. I am not talking about the antique rocking chair handed down from a grandmother or an engraved glass bootie from a godparent, but much more important items. These items may seem so silly to the naked (non-parent) eye, but those of us who have witnessed a melt down over a lost lovey or a misplaced pebble know better. Just this morning I was deemed responsible for 1 leaf, 2 acorns, and 4 pebbles. All which I am expected to have in my hands the minute I pick JD up from school. No, he did not tell me this, but I could see the trust in his eyes when he handed me (okay, when I pried) the goodies from his clentched fist before going into his class at Mothers Day Out. We have to leave the house 10 minutes earlier than normal because of the ten stops from the car to the front door of the Church to pick up more goodies. I am still counting my blessings that so far, the items have not been moving ones!

Girls are the same way though...mother's of girls get to hold onto barettes and chapstick. Or if you have the more adventourous type like my neice, lady bugs and rolly pollys. I can't tell you how many ladybugs we've had to and will continue to glue back together because they were accidentally crused in mommy's purse or Aunt Stephanie set her glass down on top of one. We've gotten so despeate that when all out of super glue, red nail polish did the trick and added a little flair!

In honor of becoming a pebble/acorn/leaf keeper, I am going to start writing down in JD's Journal (I no longer call it a baby book because as he keeps reminding me, he's not really a baby anymore) the items I collect for him. It starts like this:

leafs (of all shapes and sizes - we don't discriminate)
acorn hats ( that's what I call the little brown part that falls off the acron)
rocks (his person FAV)
crickets (usually they are dead by the time I get to hold them - he's likes to squish them)
Bby (his blanket that he sleeps with and that goes everywhere)
Bear (see above - change baby to bear)
his other bear
his stuffed dog
his other stuffed dog that's the size of JD

I am sure there will be more by the time I am finish writing this, but you have the idead for now.

I have to come to see my place as JD's mama - the keeper of all things boy!!!

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