Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is it Time?

So not a lot of new stuff going on around here...but we have had one big milestone!! JD has started telling us when he has to go poo poo!!! He holds his diaper and says "I poo, poo". Yesterday he told us before he went, but he was a little scared of the big potty!! So what did I do...well, race to Target of course to find the best potty out there! Here's how it went between the hubby and I...

J: "Which one do you want?"
S: "I don't know....that ones neat" - the most expensive one of course!
J: "Well, what's wrong with that one?"
S: "Nothing, it's just not very fancy"
J: "It's a potty"
S: "I know, but I don't want him to be scared of it"
J: "He was scared of the big potty, that's different"
S: "Yeah, but I want him to like it and feel rewarded"
J: "What about us and every other kid who learned on a regular potty - we all did just fine"
S: "Fine, get whatever you want" - I know how to win this one!
J: "I'm not picking it out - I'm just saying"
S: "Nope, get whatever, I don't care, let's just go"
J: "I'm not picking it out, just get what you want"
S: "Okay! Got it! Let's Go!"
Jimmy looks at the one I picked out and rolls his eyes! He was a bit grumpy so I thought I'd just ignore him, well, until we checked out and had to discuss what Starbucks drink we wanted!! Haha - thank goodness for Starbucks!

Anyways...I still think JD being potty trained is still a ways off, but I guess were headed in the right direction! I'll keep you all updated!

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Mom said...

Steph, you should have told him that yours had a music box on it that you wound up and played while you were sitting there concentrating on your business. What's wrong with that??? Mom!