Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fun Run & School Pictures

This was from 2 weeks ago, I just never posted it because I hadn't added pictures!!

Two New Firsts

This morning was quite exciting. Jimmy and I got up as normal and I started getting ready to take JD to MDO, except that today was not a normal MDO day - it was FUN RUN!!! This is got to be the cutest thing so far at The Met. JD wore his UT track suit and although he didn't quite understand all the excitement, he was excited nonetheless to be going to "schooool" as he calls it.

We got JD to school at his normal time (9am) and 20 minutes later the fun began. The FUN RUN was set up indoors due to the wet weather and it was the cutest thing. The little guys (JD's age) are strapped into there large strollers (they seat 9 kiddos) and are pushed around the course. There are checkered flags, comes, and balloons. Each student has a normal on their back that gets punched after each lap. So many parents were there on all the kiddos!! It was precious.

Jimmy and I were on the far side of the "track" so when JD was getting near he spotted us, you could see him looking and then his face lit up when he realized it was his "mama and daddy". He waved and cheered everytime he saw us!! We took a ton of pictures and a video!! I don't even know how many laps they did, I was so buys clapping and waving!

I must say, I truly love the MDO program he is in. I have talked to three seperate woman and have all gotten the same response - they love The Met's Lamb School. One lady drives from Magnolia 3 days a week because she loves it so much. I have grateful that God has blessed us with such an amazing preschool program!! JD is grateful as well!!!

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"I'm all ready!!!"

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"Here we go!!"

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"Yea!!! Lap 10!!!"

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"Is this thing over yet??"'s time. Time to capture a moment in time. We've all been there and done it - you usually dislike more than you like. There's no better way to capture akwardness and bad hair in one snapshot. You guessed it - school pictures!!

JD had school pictures today at MDO. Here are a couple I took myself before leaving!!

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Handomse just like my daddy!

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He's squatting because I was squatting taking the picture!!

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