Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tube Time

This is the week I wait all summer for. The week when fall begins and life returns to normal. The week when the kids are in bed ON TIME every night! The week all good things return...yes, I am referring to the week that the real fall lineup begins! So, please do not call me between the hours of 7 and 10, I will be watching tv.

My week looks like this...warning you now, hubs and I are TV JUNKIES!!!

8:00 - Prison Break - I actually do not watch this one, but we DVR because it's Jimmy's favorite!

8:30 - Samantha Who? - This really doesn't start until 10/13 but I am so excited that I can't skip it! It's hil-ar-ious!
9:00 - CSI:Miami - Is Horatio dead? Is he, is he??!! I hope not...but maybe!
9:00 - The Hills - I can't help it, I love it. It's DVR'd because Hubby could careless, but really, who doesn't love a little drama on their Monday?!

7:00 - 90210 - I can vividly remember watching this with my mom growing up and although I don't think it's near as good (and missing the eye candy), I still enjoy it. It's cute but makes me feel old!
7:00 - HOUSE - I love me some Hugh Laurie. House and I would be good friends. We share the same humor, with the exception of our views on GOD. I hope if I am ever sick someone as good (and strangely good-looking) will be my doc.

8:00 - The Mentalist - I plan on watching it. What's one more show?

8:00 - Fringe - Joshua Jackson had me in Dawson's Creek!


7:00 - America's Next Top Model - I could have done without the tranny, but love me some fashion and make-up! Tyra is a bit nutty, which is a little annoying after a full hour, but still good!

7:30 - Gary Unmarried - I am a sucker for s 30-minute comedy. It's a good break from the weekly dramas.

8:00 - Private Practice - I can't wait until this starts back. It's a light-watch, not as heavy as Grey's. Plus, if I had to become the look-alike of an actress on tv, it would so be Kate Walsh.

9:00 - Lipstick Jungle - I am just dying for this to start back up!!! I love this show, 3 women rocking it! What more could you ask for?

9:oo - CSI:NY - Love this team and ready for some more!

9:00 - Dirty Sexy Money - uh oh, my DVR only allows 2 shows, what are we going to do??? Dang it!

THURSDAY - Only the BEST night of TV!

7:00 - Ugly Betty - YEA!!! Last season ended with both boys popping the question?? What's Betty to do! I vote for the sandwich guy!

7:00 - My Name is Earl - Who doesn't like a little trash now and then? Funny trash that is!

8:00 - Grey's Anatomy - YEAAAA!!! I can not wait! I am in need of some Derrick & Merideth! Some Izzy! Some McSteamy!!! Seriously excited here!!! And a 2-hour premiere??!!!


8:00 - Desperate Housewives - The way last year ended was insane! I don't even know what to expect with this one!

9:00 - Brothers and Sisters - Another one of my faves! I can't wait!!! America's favorite and most dysfunctional family!!!

So, I's bad. Seroiusly. We apparently have a problem. No, really, Jimmy and I don't sleep. This is our time together. We watch all the same shows. It's fun. I so can not wait to crawl up on the couch with my man and watch some tube!!!


Some times you have to play a little...

This evening we were sitting around being entertained by the kids. This isn't very different from every other night. They are quite funny, these two.

JD kept making this awful sound with his throat - you know the one, the "hocking a loogie" sound. It was pretty gross. I kept asking JD if he had something in his throat and he kept saying no. Finally I asked if he had a booger in his throat (thinking he would make the connection between his runny nose - dern allergies - and throat) to which he replied, "No, I do not have a booger in my throat. Well, I had put one booger in my throat. It tasted like yucky salt." Awesome.

Then he played hotchcock. Really, it's not as bad as it sounds...

Video thumbnail. Click to play
click the picture above to play - i had to upload differently b/c the file size was too big to post through blogger. it's a few minutes long but so cute! watch until the end. let me know if you can't view it this way...

So, after a night of booger-tasting and hotchcock, the kids are in bed and I am headed that way!

Good night...


Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Sass!

Seriously...I just was told that CFISD is closed Monday as well. Jesus, please help me - if school is not open come Tuesday you are gonna have a very frusterated mama. I need a break from my sweet JD. A break in a bad way.

I am not sure what happened to him today. I am thinking maybe someone snuck in and spiked his capri sun with caffeine. Seriously?! He bounced off the wall. So much so that I fell asleep on the chair in the living room and was dreaming away and even in my dream I could hear Jimmy fussing at him to "CALM DOWN!" I bet between Jimmy and I we repeat this phrase 25 times a day. I have no idea where he gets this energy from. Jimmy is as unenergetic as they come. Me maybe? I mean, it's true that I can't sit still very long and I hate having weekends with nothing to do. I do tend to overschedule myself and spend most days playing catch up. But I am not hyper. No, not at all. Hmmm, he must have inherited that from an aunt or uncle or something.

On to other things...equally as exciting but less stressful. I just finshed two more outfits. One was a gift for a sweet friend's daughter. Miss Reagan Mac turned a year old this week and her precious princess party was today. I made her an outfit similar to this one but in a precious purple, electric blue, and lime green print. I wish I would have gotten pictures but I didn't have any time! I will post some once Jessica sends me some to show off! It was cute and that precious thing will look FAB in it!!!

This is the other one I just finished. It is near and dear to my heart. Mostly because it's all things sassy - pink and zebra...who doesn't heart some pink and zebra!? It's a sassy little number for a sassy little number!!

And no, I didn't "make" the jeans - just embellished them!

Miss Kenz is getting sooo big! Tear...

I *love* this picture!

A little personalization!

She's got the most precious lips!!!



And of course, a blog entry wouldn't be complete without a picture of mama and her wild man!!! I sure love this little guy...

Monday, September 15, 2008

Silence, or the possibility of it, is Golden.

Do you hear that? Do you hear the silence coming from my home? Do you hear the sound of my laptop keys? Probably not, but that's not what matters. What matters is I can hear my laptop keys. And it's not really silent, no, Hubs is watching Prison Break and the tv is still on in the playroom, even though JD has been asleep for hours now. BUT, there are no fighting kids. No, screaming babies. No, dishes clanging or alarms chirping because the door is opening for the hundreth time. Tis's our small fam of four again. The in-laws have all returned home. AND before it sounds like I am glad to have them gone, I must say that it was a blast having them here. Well, as much fun as post-hurricane clean-up can be. Really though, I am so blessed to have married into a family that is as awesome as Jimmy's. He's got a great sister and brother-in-law with kiddos that I love as my own. Aylie and I really have a great time together and I have so enjoyed the company the last few days. Nick is a hoot and keeps us laughing. Nicky and Alexis are constant entertainment for both JD and MacKenzie. Jimmy's mom is also great and it was so nice having her help in the kitchen and around the house.

All that being said. It's quiet here. Somewhat clean. And just us. Yea. Life is returning to normal and we are all settling down.

Miss MacKenzie and I are both sick, which is NOT fun at all. I feel like crap-ola and can not breathe. Kenz has green crust around her nose and a tooth FINALLY coming in (a top one nonetheless). I am hoping the tooth and crust are related.

Anyways, just felt the need to blog and share that things are good and the family is all back home. My parents are still without power but they are living in their camper (in the driveway) so doing fine.

Hope all is well and that those without electricity and/or water are managing okay!!!


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Checking in post IKE...

We are alive! What a hurricane. WOW! I am sure you all have been just worried sick wondering if the Little Van Fam made it through the storm. Worry no more, we are all doing well. Going slightly stir crazy, but good. Our home made it through with no damage (AMEN) and we only went without electricity for about 10 hours. We were some of the lucky ones for sure!!! Of course this means that we are now housing our family without power. We currently have 6 adults, 4 children (6 and under), and 4 dogs under one roof. It's very peaceful. Ha. But really, we are so thankful to all be safe and sound and COOL that we don't mind one bit. It's been nothing but laughts the last 2 days - I really do have the greatest in-laws ever!

My mom and Tim are doing fine but have no power still. They have a lot of debris to clean up but no real damage. They picked up their camping trailer this morning and are going to be staying in that in the driveway until their power is back on.

My mother-in-law is still without power. Her house made it but there was a lot of trees/limbs down and debris everywhere.

My sister-in-law's house for the most part is fine. They just recently moved into a new home in Fairfield. They have a fence down and one of the vents on the outside of the home was blown away from the home which caused a leak in the roof. They woke up at 4am on the couch in the living room during the storm to "drip, drip, drip." The ceiling in there kitchen was leaking! So, that's a little bit of a mess.

All in all, we are doing well and very happy that IKE has passed. I will say it was such a scary ordeal Friday night/Saturday morning. The wind was crazy and so loud. I can't even imagine what it must have sounded like closer to the coast.

Which brings me to another rant. It's my blog, I can rant if I want to. I can not get over these people who attempted to "ride out the storm." Here's my 2-sense. I think it should be a State Hurricane Safety Law that if you are the primary care-provider of a child, a person with special needs, or an elderly person then you are required to evacuate. If you choose to stay, then you will be removed by force OR fined a hefty amount for endangering a child, special needs, etc. Seriously!! We ticket those who choose not to put their child in a carseat or arrent parents that leave children in cars. How is putting a child in harms way by not evacuating any different? Even if you manage to survive the storm, your poor child is now traumatized for life. What we experienced here on Friday was scary as can be, and I am a grown woman and we were a good ways away from the coast. I can't even begin to imagine how scary it would have been to be right there in the middle of it, and to a child!! The thought alone is devestating!! So...there, I am done! That's what I think about the idiots to braved the storm WITH THEIR KIDS!!!

How did everyone else do?

Prayers to those without power, food, water, a home to return to, and worse. I pray God's grace over you!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sew Excited!

Four years of marriage and two kids is making this mama pretty domesticated. I cook (here and there) and clean (all the time) and have recently taken up sewing. Yes, I said sewing. I am sure you all that know me well may be a little surprised. In all honesty, I am pretty suprised myself. My last experience with sewing was in 7th grade at Truitt Jr. High in Home Ec. It was great. I can remember almost missing my bus because I sewed the t-shirt I was wearing into the boxers I was attempting to make and pulled the entire sewing machine over on me when I stood up to clean my station. It wasn't embarassing at all.

Needless to say, I was a little hesitant to get started again...

While in Mississippi this summer, I had my Nana refresh me on the basics. Shannon brought her sewing machine along and she taught me how to thread my needle, fill my bobbin, and do all those other things one needs to know in order to sew. It was a great, learning experience and I truly had the best teacher because my Nana can doing anything! She's one of those women...

So, I brought all that good knowledge home and got to work. Since coming home I have made 2 more pairs of pajama pants for JD, a matching shirt (ok, Target supplied the shirt) with "JD" on the front, a "1" shirt for a friend's birthday boy, and a personalized PJ set for a friend of mine's daughter. All those are fairly simple things to make. Last week I started on something a little more...exciting! I made MacKenzie her first boutique-worthy ensemble!!! I am so excited and totally impressed with myself that I have to show it off, of course!!!

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting
The back - corset tie - so cute over a collared shirt in the fall

Photobucket Image Hosting
It helps when your model is this cute...

Photobucket Image Hosting
close up of the top - 4 different patters

Photobucket Image Hosting

Photobucket Image Hosting

The craziest thing about all of this sewing business is the money saved!! These exact same outfits can be found here for about $150 more than I what I spent to make it. INSANE!!! And so much more fun when you can say, "Oh that...yeah, I made it!" LOL!!! It's such a fun and stress-relieving hobby!!

I just picked up some new fabric with some fun new designs for my next outfit. Oh, and I am working on a zebra and hot pink number that is going to be stellar! Don't worry...I'll show those off once completed!!



We have entered the stage of "WHY?" I have heard and read about it, but never really experienced it until now. If JD says "why" once, he says it a hundred times in one day. It really isn't just "why" but every type of question you can imagine. Some of the recent questions I have had to answer...

Q: As we are walking to school, "Why is this a street?"
A: It was made so we can walk on it.
Q: "Why do we walk on it?"
A: To get to where we are going.
Q: "Where are we going?"
A: To school.
Q: "Why are we going to school?"
A: So you can learn new stuff and be smart.
Q: "Why do I need to be smart?"
A: So you can get good grades and get into a good school and get a good job.
Q: "Why do I need a good job?"
A: So you can take of yourself.
Q: "Why do I need to take care of myself?"
A: So mommy doesn't have to.
Q: "Who takes care of you?" never ends.

We are also getting very theological in our old age. Here's a daily convesation we have...
Q: "Who made us?"
A: God made us.
Q: "Why?"
A: Because he loves people and wanted to make us to love.
Q: "Who made the sun?"
A: God
Q: "Who made the trees?"
A: "God"
Q: "Who made the dogs?"
A: God
Q: "Who made KK?"
A: God
Q: "Who made the cars?"
A:, he taught man how to make the cars.
Q: "Who made God?"
A: Nobody, God was always here.
Q: "Why?"
A: Because He was.
Q: "Why?"
GOD, give me answers!! Please!!

It's like this all day everyday. Which, is amazing because it really does show how he's growing and developing, but tiresome all the same.

He's also been gifted with quite the imagination. He gets this from me. Jimmy never played well on his own and according to his mom, has never been super imaginative. I on the other hand...could play all day by myself. I loved playing with friends, but even then, we didn't need much more than a sprinkler or a chalkboard. We could have fun all day making up stories and putting on concerts.

JD is the same way. Give him a tub of tinker toys and he'll entertain himself for hours. He "names" all his creations as well. And they are soo funny. In the last week alone he's made the following...a kaboomer for daddy's truck...a fireball shooter for daddy's truck...a poker...and the list goes on. I have no idea where he comes up with these things. Jimmy and I just laugh.

He truly is someone special and is growing taller (and smarter) by the day.


Monday, September 08, 2008

Resale Shop

It's that time. I am cleaning out the girl's closet! It's really insane the amount of clothes she has, but I think that is life with a girl. She's grown out of so much and still has so many cute things to grow into!!

I am going to donate a lot (or give away) of her play clothes, but I will be re-selling all of her boutique and custom clothes. If anyone is intersted in looking at any of the items, please comment or email me at I will probably list on ebay soon, but would be willing to sell outright as well. Some of the brands I am re-selling are: Indygo Artwear, My Vintage Baby, Baby LuLu, Baby Nay, Dainty Designs, JoJo Designs, Baby Gap, Gymboree, etc. Most of the 0-3 month and some 0-6 month clothes are winter things and the 6+ clothes are summer items (incluidng some bathing suits). If you are anyone you know is interested, please forward this information to them. I also have a brand new, still in the bag, Ju-Ju-Be Packabe diaper bag to sell!!!

So, comment me or email me if you are interested and I can send pictures, answer questions, etc!!!


Preschool and MOPs

It's official, JD is a preschooler. I wish I had pictures to highlight this post, but I am a bad mom and didn't take any. I am kicking myself now. He's been in MDO for the last 2 years so I didn't really think the first day of school was a big deal, but now I wish I would have taken a few. Afterall, it was the first day of preschool, not just MDO. Regardless, he did great as is sooo glad to be back. He loves his new teacher, as do I. Mrs. Clayton, or "Clayton" as JD calls her when referring to her, he calls her Ms. Clayton when he's talking to her, is just fantastic! She's loves the kids so much already and is just great.

I also enjoy my few (5-1/2 to be exact) hours as a mother of 1. I forgot how EASY it is. Haha. They are a few great hours with my girl. I also can get so much done.

I also started MOPs (Mother's of Preschooler's) last week and LOVED it. If you are a mom of a young one I so recommend getting involved in a MOPs program. I am doing it with a friend and Friday's first meeting was sooo great. We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. The 1st Friday we do a craft and the 3rd there is a guest speaker. Last week we made candle beads. They were so cute and a great idea! Our theme this month is "gift shop" so we made candles (or the beads) you would find in a gift shop. Next meeting our guest speaker will talk about the 3 gifts every mother should give their children. I am looking so forward to it. It's a wonderful break from the everyday and they offer childcare with with some WONDERFUL ladies (The preschoolers are taught using the Veggie Tail curriculum). It's 3 hours of fellowship with mama's who "understand" you.

Here's 2 pictures of my cute candle! It looks great in my bedroom.


I also start my new Bible study tomorrow evening. I am doing Beth's LIT Bible Study and I am soooo excited. Tuesday evening can not come soon enough!

Well, I better run. JD has The Little Gyn in a bit and we need to eat breakfast and get dressed!!


Saturday, September 06, 2008

I'm a big girl now!

I am a hunting-widow this weekend. Jimmy is off with the boys shootin' some birds. Fun stuff. I have to give myself a HUGE pat on my back for something! Last night was the first night I have EVER spent the night by myself since Jimmy and I married 4 years ago. Isn't that crazy?!

I have always been somewhat of a...freak?! I have an imagination that seriously gets the best of me. My friends, family, and Bible study girls can attest to this. It's ridiculous, but as soon as it gets dark it's like something takes over my mind and I begin to obsess about every little sound, thought, etc. Don't worry, I am praying about it. It has gotten A LOT better. A WHOLE LOT BETTER. There was a point of time in our marriage when I wouldn't stay home at all at night. This meant every Thursday while he bowled, I went to my mom's. I can't count how many times I called Jimmy or someone else to come over b/c I thought there was someone in the house. I seriously think I was somehow traumatized as a child. What's really strange is my mom was the same way when she was younger and all her adult life until a couple of years ago. I think it's an insecurity with men and the need to feel protected. Anyways, that is a whole different post in itself. But in the last year this has gotten a lot better and improved even more when we moved. Which is odd b/c our old neighborhood was very OLD and was filled with a lot of OLD people. It didn't really scream BREAK IN to bandits (yes, I call them bandits). So, not sure why the change in addresses also changed my insecurity. I think it has to do with the lights. It's much brighter on our street now and our backyard isn't near as dark.

So, last night I spent the night alone in my house. Alone with the kids. Of course I let JD sleep in the bed with me. It all went really well. I only checked the locks on all the doors 5 times. WHICH, bit me in the boo-tay this morning.

JD came downstairs before I did because I was up nursing Kenzie still. When the princess and I finally made it downstairs JD was standing at the backdoor (outside) crying because he was locked out. We have one of those crazy handles that when locked you can still open from the inside but not from the outside. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!! When I let him in I saw what he had been doing! He'd taken the entire carton of eggs outside and threw them all over the patio. Nice. And BEFORE my coffee! Seriously?! So after fussing and putting his butt in time out (before 8:00 a.m. - awesome) I made him go outside and clean them all up. I went outside to instruct. BAD IDEA!! The door handle was still locked!!!! NOOOOOOO! Kenzie was still inside, NOOOOO!!

We ran (literally) across the street to use our neighbors phone. I am dressed in short (SHORT) shorts and a tank (no bra). JD has his monkey PJ pants on and no shirt. I haven't even brushed my teeth and still had ZERO coffee to at least mask the smell. Luckily, we have incredible neighbors and this is not the first time. Which is even more embarassing now that I think about it. We call FuFu, who was going to be headed this way shortly anyways. Meanwhile, I sat on the backstep trying to entertain Kenz through a door so that she wouldn't crawl away and get into anything.

Needless to say, my Saturday morning started off greeaaat. We are inside now. MacKenzie is sleeping and JD is at the beach for the day with FuFu. I am waiting on the a/c guys to come out and finally fix our upstairs a/c which was delayed due to another lock issue. Our attic has locks on them b/c they are accessible from our 3rd floor media room. JD got a hold of the keys and well, lost them. So the actual repair was delayed over Labor day weekend. Anyways...shortly I will send Kenz off to KK's house. JD is staying at FuFu's. And mommy is going out with her girlfriends! Counting down the minutes....

Oh and in case you were curious. When I asked JD why he threw all of the eggs on the back patio he said, "Because the dogs were hungry. They need to eat too." Duh...

Happy Weekend!!!


Thursday, September 04, 2008

4 Years...

Four years ago at this exact time (4:30) I was standing in a dressing room, surrounded by my closest friends and family, crying a little and laughing a lot. I was watching my mom take pictures and watching my friends giddy with excitement. I was on the receiving end of something old (a hankerchief that was made for me when I was a baby), something new (my jewelry and dress), something borrowed (my sister-in-law's ring that was given to her by Jim, my FIL), and something blue (why, my garter of course). I was trying soooo hard not to cry so my makeup wouldn't smear. I was laughing at Ashley who was frantically trying to get her dress sewn where it ripped while being put on. I was watching my Nana do the sewing. I was praying that I would not fall. I was watching Lindsey and fussing at her to pull it together!! I was watching my precious neice and thinking she was the most beautiful flower girl I'd ever seen. I was at the starting block of my new life.

Four years ago I married my best friend.

Four years ago I made a promise to one man, my man, to love, honor, and obey.

Four years ago I became one of the first of my friends to marry (besides you Riss).

Four years ago I was pinching myself, not believing it was real.

Four years ago I became Mrs. Stephanie Vandagriff.

Today, I am still pinching myself - still unable to believe that this is my life, in awe of it all.

I don't know that I would say it was love at first sight. Maybe, "Oh my goodness...he's sooo hot!" (I was in highschool) at first sight! But not love. Love followed shortly after. Jimmy and I dated 4 years prior to getting married, that means we have been together a little over 8. Holy Moly. It's no secret that we have had our moments, especially years 1-2.5. A lot of moments to be more exact. We have had some of the absolute best times. And some of the worst. I have cried and loved more than I knew possible in the last 8 years.

I love Jimmy more than I can put into words. He is my best friend. My soulmate. My handsome husband. An incredible father. An incredible son and brother. A wonderful person.

Thank you Lord for blessing me with someone so wonderful. Thank you for letting me marry my best friend. I want so badly to grow old and wrinkly with that man. I want to sit on the porch overlooking the lake or river one day and just be.

Happy Anniversary My Favorite! I love you!

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Vandagriff