Monday, September 08, 2008

Preschool and MOPs

It's official, JD is a preschooler. I wish I had pictures to highlight this post, but I am a bad mom and didn't take any. I am kicking myself now. He's been in MDO for the last 2 years so I didn't really think the first day of school was a big deal, but now I wish I would have taken a few. Afterall, it was the first day of preschool, not just MDO. Regardless, he did great as is sooo glad to be back. He loves his new teacher, as do I. Mrs. Clayton, or "Clayton" as JD calls her when referring to her, he calls her Ms. Clayton when he's talking to her, is just fantastic! She's loves the kids so much already and is just great.

I also enjoy my few (5-1/2 to be exact) hours as a mother of 1. I forgot how EASY it is. Haha. They are a few great hours with my girl. I also can get so much done.

I also started MOPs (Mother's of Preschooler's) last week and LOVED it. If you are a mom of a young one I so recommend getting involved in a MOPs program. I am doing it with a friend and Friday's first meeting was sooo great. We meet the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. The 1st Friday we do a craft and the 3rd there is a guest speaker. Last week we made candle beads. They were so cute and a great idea! Our theme this month is "gift shop" so we made candles (or the beads) you would find in a gift shop. Next meeting our guest speaker will talk about the 3 gifts every mother should give their children. I am looking so forward to it. It's a wonderful break from the everyday and they offer childcare with with some WONDERFUL ladies (The preschoolers are taught using the Veggie Tail curriculum). It's 3 hours of fellowship with mama's who "understand" you.

Here's 2 pictures of my cute candle! It looks great in my bedroom.


I also start my new Bible study tomorrow evening. I am doing Beth's LIT Bible Study and I am soooo excited. Tuesday evening can not come soon enough!

Well, I better run. JD has The Little Gyn in a bit and we need to eat breakfast and get dressed!!



Here It Comes said...

Isn't it soooo different when you just have one at home? Kenny and I are always amazed at how different the kids act when there is no sibling to compete with or fight with. They are like different children.

How long have you been going to the Little Gym (I assume we go to the same one, right?)? The girls have been taking classes there since it opened! Emmi goes on Wed now, and Jill moved to Cypress because of the level she is in now.

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

that is such a cute idea! It makes me wish that I Jackson was bigger so i can do fun things like that! Enjoy your newly found quietness although I bet you'll miss JD's little suprises! (ie: eggs, draging Max, cats)
Oh be expecting a package in the next few days, love ya

The Van Fam said...

sooo different. it's crazy how productive one can be with only 1 child to wait on!!! i can't even imagine what i will do next year when mackenzie is in mdo. oh, the possibilities are endless...

this is our second semester at TLG. jd is in the sport skills development class. last year he was a heathen but i think that was b/c it was an evening class and he was so wired by the end of the day. so far he is doing much better. i am thinking of enrolling in a mommy and me but still trying to decide if it'll be worth the cost. i know it will be neat for kenz and i to do together. we'll see..

and yes rach, i am sure i will jd's creations and messes but i am sure i'll manage!!!

Amanda said...

I'm cracking up because your candle looks so pretty and is cute enough to show on the blog and mine went in the trash can last night! Ha ha!

Melissa said...

Oh, I wish I could do that Bible Study with you! I am reading one of her books, Breaking Free, right now! You will have to tell me all about LIT! I don't think I am familiar with it.