Sunday, September 14, 2008


Checking in post IKE...

We are alive! What a hurricane. WOW! I am sure you all have been just worried sick wondering if the Little Van Fam made it through the storm. Worry no more, we are all doing well. Going slightly stir crazy, but good. Our home made it through with no damage (AMEN) and we only went without electricity for about 10 hours. We were some of the lucky ones for sure!!! Of course this means that we are now housing our family without power. We currently have 6 adults, 4 children (6 and under), and 4 dogs under one roof. It's very peaceful. Ha. But really, we are so thankful to all be safe and sound and COOL that we don't mind one bit. It's been nothing but laughts the last 2 days - I really do have the greatest in-laws ever!

My mom and Tim are doing fine but have no power still. They have a lot of debris to clean up but no real damage. They picked up their camping trailer this morning and are going to be staying in that in the driveway until their power is back on.

My mother-in-law is still without power. Her house made it but there was a lot of trees/limbs down and debris everywhere.

My sister-in-law's house for the most part is fine. They just recently moved into a new home in Fairfield. They have a fence down and one of the vents on the outside of the home was blown away from the home which caused a leak in the roof. They woke up at 4am on the couch in the living room during the storm to "drip, drip, drip." The ceiling in there kitchen was leaking! So, that's a little bit of a mess.

All in all, we are doing well and very happy that IKE has passed. I will say it was such a scary ordeal Friday night/Saturday morning. The wind was crazy and so loud. I can't even imagine what it must have sounded like closer to the coast.

Which brings me to another rant. It's my blog, I can rant if I want to. I can not get over these people who attempted to "ride out the storm." Here's my 2-sense. I think it should be a State Hurricane Safety Law that if you are the primary care-provider of a child, a person with special needs, or an elderly person then you are required to evacuate. If you choose to stay, then you will be removed by force OR fined a hefty amount for endangering a child, special needs, etc. Seriously!! We ticket those who choose not to put their child in a carseat or arrent parents that leave children in cars. How is putting a child in harms way by not evacuating any different? Even if you manage to survive the storm, your poor child is now traumatized for life. What we experienced here on Friday was scary as can be, and I am a grown woman and we were a good ways away from the coast. I can't even begin to imagine how scary it would have been to be right there in the middle of it, and to a child!! The thought alone is devestating!! So...there, I am done! That's what I think about the idiots to braved the storm WITH THEIR KIDS!!!

How did everyone else do?

Prayers to those without power, food, water, a home to return to, and worse. I pray God's grace over you!!



I am Trish Marie said...

Kenny and I actually thought we would ride out the storm here, but had sent the kids to Austin early in the day Thursday. We ended up deciding to go on to Austin ourselves, and we are glad we did! Everyone says it was not a lot of fun!

We lost our fence. We are lucky that is all. We have had power on and off since the Sauturday morning. However, we had no water until late last night. The water is still pretty gross now, but clearing up by the minute. Hopefully soon we can actually bathe in it. I guess the kids will have to swim in place of a bath! We did make sure we got the pool up and running right away!

Melissa said...

I'm glad you posted, because I was very curious about how you and the fam was doing. I'm so glad to hear that everyone and everything is okay. My parent's house is fine, but no power still. Luckily, Warner has a generator. I completely agree with you on the issue. I think it is plain ignorance to be honest. People these days are foolish and want to pretend that life revolves around their convenience. News flash. The world is ruled by forces greater than ourselves people. IDOTS! I'm still annoyed by those who are complaining they can't go back to Galveston. Um, hello, there is nothing there for you to mess with right now unless you have your own personal bulldozer. Do they just not get it or what? I know I have no right to complain here in Austin, but from a counseling stand point, I guess they are masking their fear with anger. I can't even begin to understand the feeling of helplessness right now. So I will stop complaining, and say a little pray for their peace and acceptance. I just wanted to hop on the venting train with you for a bit!!!!!! :O)

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

hey girl. Of course John and I are fine. We had abd wind up in Ft worth and a ton of rain but thats it. Mom and dad are good. They were without power for 2 days but have it now. Their ranch in Hockley has some damage. They have 4 or 5 huge pine trees that snaped in half but they did not fall on the house. Troy and Mandy are fine also, no real damage. The Lord really blessed us this time, so thankful. I was a nervous reck knowing that all of family and friends were at risk but I am so so glad that everything turned out well considering. love ya

Aimee' said...

i agree...why in the WORLD would you stay on an island during a hurricane?! Muchless if you have small children!! Blows my mind...