Monday, September 15, 2008

Silence, or the possibility of it, is Golden.

Do you hear that? Do you hear the silence coming from my home? Do you hear the sound of my laptop keys? Probably not, but that's not what matters. What matters is I can hear my laptop keys. And it's not really silent, no, Hubs is watching Prison Break and the tv is still on in the playroom, even though JD has been asleep for hours now. BUT, there are no fighting kids. No, screaming babies. No, dishes clanging or alarms chirping because the door is opening for the hundreth time. Tis's our small fam of four again. The in-laws have all returned home. AND before it sounds like I am glad to have them gone, I must say that it was a blast having them here. Well, as much fun as post-hurricane clean-up can be. Really though, I am so blessed to have married into a family that is as awesome as Jimmy's. He's got a great sister and brother-in-law with kiddos that I love as my own. Aylie and I really have a great time together and I have so enjoyed the company the last few days. Nick is a hoot and keeps us laughing. Nicky and Alexis are constant entertainment for both JD and MacKenzie. Jimmy's mom is also great and it was so nice having her help in the kitchen and around the house.

All that being said. It's quiet here. Somewhat clean. And just us. Yea. Life is returning to normal and we are all settling down.

Miss MacKenzie and I are both sick, which is NOT fun at all. I feel like crap-ola and can not breathe. Kenz has green crust around her nose and a tooth FINALLY coming in (a top one nonetheless). I am hoping the tooth and crust are related.

Anyways, just felt the need to blog and share that things are good and the family is all back home. My parents are still without power but they are living in their camper (in the driveway) so doing fine.

Hope all is well and that those without electricity and/or water are managing okay!!!


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I am Trish Marie said...

My girls finally came home from Austin today. They had been with my parents since before the hurricane. It seems things are slowly going back to normal. Well, you know, if you consider waiting in line for gas and grocery stores without cold food somewhat normal! But, otherwise, we are heading back into our routine. Although, school is cancelled now until next week!