Thursday, November 09, 2006


So it's been a little while, but life has been a bit crazy. Of course I say this like life isn't always crazy, but right now it's in over-crazy-drive! It's okay though...I like it. I know one day I'm gonna have to slow down, but right now - I love being busy. Not in a hurry busy (I hate that) but usually have something to do busy!!

So what's new....

I have a new FAVORITE JD thing. He says I love you now - well, it sounds more like "I uv-vu" but i uv-it! He's saying it quite a bit now. He'll usually say it back to whomever says it first, or he'll say it when you tell him too. When I put him to bed tonight, he said "Night Night Mama" when I was tucking him in and I said "Goodnight JD, I love you" and he said "I uv-vu Mama!" My heart melted and I bruised my side, but only because I had to lean over for one more kiss!" I sure uv-him with all my heart.

I also have a new LEAST FAVORITE thing. JD has learned to open doors. This means that we have to buy a toilet seat lock because he loves playing in the toilet...well, not so much as play - more like flush every thing in sight!

JD has also become quite the nuidist! He LOVES running around naked. It's funny because Jimmy is very modest - VERY MODEST. The only time Jimmy has his shirt off is in bed or in the shower. He wears a shirt all the time - I make fun of him because he even wears it on the boat at the lake or on the river! So I can tell that he's not sure what he thinks about JD running around naked. It's not like I strip him down the minute we get home and he's bare-booty all day. But after the bath I let him air-out for 5 minutes or so. It so funny though - first off JD goes in the bath Dr. Jekyll style and comes out Mr. Hyde!! He's crazy when he gets out - so I'm not sure if it's the nakedness that Jimmy's unsure of, or the fact that JD's running around screaming with one hand on his weanie and the other flying wround! After a few minutes Jimmy will say, "ok JD, where are your clothes??" I think that's my cue....

I thought I'd end this post with something different. I have come to realize as we start this toddler phase that I'm repeating several phrases a day.
In honor of toddlerhood - my top 10 daily phrases:
10) "JD, are we suppose to be doing that?"
9) "We do not throw our food or fork!"
8) "Do you want to sit in time-out?" - this usually follows #9
7) "Help Mommy clean up"
6) "JD, please be gentle" - this is usually as JD is pulling Max's tail or ears
5) "Don't chase Frodo" - our not-so toddler loving dog
3) "Use your words"
2) "JD, get off the window sill" - he uses our fire place to climb on a small speaker which is on top of an amplifier and then once on top of the small speaker climbs onto the big speaker (big=4 feet high or so) and then stands on the window sill
1) "JD, I love you!!"