Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving - Better Late Than Never!

Holy Moly Stroll-la-moni! That is JD's version of holy moly. Where did holy moly even come from? Can y'all believe it's December 1st? I know I can't but I am sure glad it is. I la-huv this time of year. And the fact that it's actually cold in Houston (REALLY cold right now) makes it that much sweeter. I am not sure what makes this year so much more exciting or maybe I am this excited every year and just forget, but I am all about the Christmas spirit this year. I am sure it has something to do with the kids and how JD totally gets it this year and even though MacKenzie doesn't, she is so filled with the awe of it all. I can't quit smiling and talking about Christmas because I am so happy it's here. Jimmy thinks I am a total dork but I know he's enjoying it as well. He can't fool me!

But before I get carried away with the Christmas talk, I want to recap our wonderful Thanksgiving.

Not from Thanksgiving but one of my faves from this fall...

Another one not from Thanksgiving but the Priss at her Pumpkin Patch at school...that smile never gets old.

Oh, and one from the pumpkin patch up the road with my sweet Nana and precious babies.

So this Thanksgiving was my FIRST time to ever play hostess. I busted my tail getting the house all ready for the big day! Which for some would be pure stress but I'm all kinds of OCD-preassure-lovin' wierd and I think I actually enjoyed it. LOL. Anyways, alls got done and Thanksgiving was WONDERFUL! Seriously. I didn't take very many pictures but here are a few...

My DELICIOUS turkey. I think it might be the best I've ever had in my entire life.

My plate of food.
roll, turkey, southern-style creamed corn, sweet potatoes, southern green beans, cranberry salad, broccoli salad, ham, mashed potatoes with gravy, and dressing with gravy. YUMO!

We had a wonderful day and it was spent with family that I love so much. It left me feeling so completely blessed and thankful that not only do I have such wonderful parents (and even though Tim is technically my step-dad, he's such an amazing father to me and grandfather to my babies) but I have been truly blessed to marry into such an amazing family. I know how uncommon it is to have one BIG GIANT family that loves to all be together. I LOVE so much that we don't have to split holidays up with our family here. I love that we can all get together and it's perfect. I am TRULY blessed and just so incredibly greatful for all God has given us.

And how do you end a PERFECT Thanksgiving you ask? Black Friday! Do you know that this was my first REAL black friday experience ever? Sure, I've done the shopping during the day on Friday but I have never been one of those crazy people that stay up all night to shop. This year, Jimmy and I did it together and it was so incredibly exhausting but FUN at the same time. We went to the outlet mall at midnight and then hit Walmart at 2:00 where we shopped until 5:00 when we could finally checkout. We weren't out of there until 6:30 - the sun was a-risin'. Oh, but we had a good time together. I think it's something we'll do every year from here on out with ONE exception. We will have someone keep the kids for the first half of the next day. Staying up for 24 hours straight and then parenting is NOT fun. But we did get some killer deals and a new flat screen for our bedroom!!!

We spent the rest of Friday takin it easy. We did go get our tree but didn't decorate it or anything. Saturday morning we got up and headed to Saratoga to do Thanksgiving with Tim's family. It was so much fun and as usual, the kids had a blast in the country. Bless JD's heart. He's truly a country boy stuck in the suburbs!! Here are a few pictures...

JD playing in the country

Mac WILL NOT be left out

My sweet boy

The boys shooting skeet

JD and his blackcats

Kenz not liking them so much

The girls enjoying the bonfire

He picks up sticks the entire time - he's my workin' man!

Shan and Mac

Well. That's all I got for now. I am gonna try really hard to post some pictures of the new house in the next few days.

For now...hop on over to my wonderful mommy's blog. She'll get you all in the Christmas mood!


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holy Hiatus blog world, did you miss me? I haven't posted since May 27th, seriously? Do you feel neglected? Ignored? Abandoned? Ohh...ouch, sorry. I have been a bad blogger and because a lot (A LOT) has gone on in the last 5-1/2 months, I'll spare you the boring (they actually aren't boring in the least, I just am trying to watch Grey's Anatomy at the same time) details. I will however give you a brief timeline...since May 27th...

I went to the Big OB for a week. And came home.
We went camping for the Watermelon Thump Festival and seriously sprained my ankle. BAD.
The fam and I went to Pascagoula, MS for the 4th of July. And came home.
We went back to OB, MS for another week and a half. And came home.
We threw the bestie an AMAZING big hat bridal shower.
I celebrated my 26th birthday.
JD started his last year of preschool and Kenz started Mother's Day Out for the first time.
We went to another shower for the bride.
Jimmy and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in the Cayman Islands for a week. A-MAZE-ING!
We threw a KICK-BUTT bachelorette party for the bride.
We went to another (I am not complaing b/c I'd go to a million for Laura) shower with the bride.
My Nana and PawPaw came in town to watch...
...my best friend get married at the most GORGEOUS wedding (hands down).
We celebrated MacKenzie's 2nd birthday (say it ain't so!).
We had a fun Halloween - JD was a fireman and Kenz a little Dutch girl.
We MOVED. YIKES, I know. We moved again in less than 2 years.
NASCAR race.
We found out my PawPaw, whom means the world to me, has colon cancer.

Sooo...that's the last 5 months in a nutshell.

Now to elaborate on a bit of the above.

JD and Kenzie on their first day of school...



Grand Cayman was amazing. I have never enjoyed a week so much in life (runner up would be Frontier Camp with Young Life junio year). I have never seen water so blue or enjoyed myself so much. I fell that much more in love with my man and just enjoyed life so much that week. I wish it could have lasted longer and we are DYING to go back. It's an amazing place and so under-rated. A few pictures...

our condo

the view from the back of our condo

laying out

headed out to sting ray city

playing with the sting rays

holding the sting rays

kissing a sting ray

HELL - the post office is in "hell"

dinner at the lighthouse - DELISH!

storm blowing in

pier at rum point - a 5-6 ft. barracuda lives under it - we were about 10 feet from it swimming

gorgeous water

turtle farm

blow holes

Mel - our favorite bartender

Here are a few pictures from Miss Priss's 2nd Birthday - this needs to be a post on it's own just because there is so much to share about her...

my sweet babies

momma and kenz

my girl

Let's see...oh yes, the move. We are a little bit crazy and just CAN NOT pass up a bargain. All I have to say is, it should be a crime to love your house this much. I am IN LOVE. I couldn't be happier and I am sooooo glad we are here. We moved up 1000 sqft, move down to a one-story, and gained a game room (lost the media room), study, and a pool (and deck, koi pond, sprinkler system, water softener system, and 3-car garage). I promise to post pictures very soon. We have one room left to unpack! Whoohoo!!!

And now PawPaw. We knew something was up with him when they were in for Laura's wedding. Once he got home he had some blood work done where he learned he was 2 PINTS LOW on blood. So at that point they knew he was bleeding somewhere internally. We got the call Friday that after some scans they found a cancerous tumor on his colon. Monday he went into surgery to have the tumor removed. They took 9" of his colon to biopsy. It turned out that the tumor grew a hernia and the hernia started bleeding, which was a total blessing in disguise. We did find out today that they did indeed get out the entire tumor but that there is a micro-size amount (2 out of 10 is how they described it) of cancer in a few of his lympnodes so he will need some mild chemo. Without chemo they gave him a 65% survival rate, so obviously that option is out. The GOOD news is the cancer is only in his colon and the lympnodes there, so it hasn't spread. We also know that it will be very mild cancer and the surgeon wouldn't even talk survival rate with chemo b/c it should have no problem killing those cancer cells. Another blessing is PawPaw's health. Overall he's a very healthy man so he should be able to weather this farely well. It's just heartbreaking knowing he will have to go through the chemo at all. We love Nana and PawPaw so much and being 10 hours away makes times like these that much more difficult. My mom has been there since Monday (she flew straight from the NASCAR race to Memphis) but came home tonight. He should leave the hospital Sunday and we'll hopefully know more shortly on the course of action. We appreciate all the prayers up to this point and beg you to keep praying.

That's all I got for now. I have to go to bed!!! I will post again, sooner than later!!! I think this new house has added a whole new level of zen to my life! LOL. Praying it lasts...


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mudcake Originals

Hey!!! Greetings from the mama who never stops! LOL! What would life be like if it was boring?!

I post with some EXCITING news!!!! It's all up and OFFICIAL! WHOOHOO!!!!

Please visit, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE repost (I will do a contest soon) and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass along!!!

www.mudcakeoriginals.com is up and official! whoohoo!!!

I AM SOOOOOO excited! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!

SO GO NOW!!! CHECK, check, check it out!


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Friday, May 08, 2009

Update on Layla Grace

I AM EXHAUSTED...so this update is coming from the one I posted on our playgroup message boards. there are spelling and grammatical errors but that's all i got for now...

i am home and so emotionally and physically drained i can barely think straight so i hope this post makes sense. after 4 hours of sleep last night and one meal today i am ready to crawl into bed. if i am feeling this drained i can't even imagine what shanna and ryan are feeling inside.

kelly and i went to the hospital today to vist. we got there around 3:15 and left at 7:00. i have never been to the oncology floor of a hospital and never at a children's hospital. i think a special prayer needs to be said for those docs/RN's tonight. they are truly incredible people. it's a hard walk down those halls.

now on to sweet layla...

i would be lying if i said seeing her eased my mind at all. when we got there layla looked very worn out. she was still coming out of a sedation from an earlier scan and was very out of it. it was extremely obvious that she's in severe pain. she counldn't sit still bc of the constant pain in her back, stomach, legs, etc. the doc described her bones and feeling like they are full of arthritis and are very painful. because of this she won't eat either. she hasn't eaten in two weeks. up until this evening a piece of toast and a few slices of banana have been a lot. she literally cried and pushed everything away as they begged her to just take a bite.

more blood was drawn and we bit back tears as layla cried and screamed not wanting to be touched. needless to say, kelly, shanna, and i went walking at this point. after talking to the pedi some more, they decided to try some morphine. y'all i can't even begin to explain the change layla made within 5 minutes of having that morphine. 180 doesn't begin to describe. she went from lethargic and miserable to smile, laughing, singing, making animal sounds, and EATING. she ate an entire helping of mashed potatos and drank a fully sippy cup of juice. this is HUGE. HUUUUGGGGEEEEE!!! for a couple of hours layla was the happiest she has been in 2 weeks. it was a much needed site and thankfully kelly and i were able to talk about it all on the way home as oppose to crying. we did okay while we were there, shanna only had to tell us once to stop the crying. it was hard.

now on to the more crucial update. the extensive ct scan today revealed that the tumor is not what they had first hoped. it was originally though to be above her kidney on her left side. well, that is only the start of it. it wraps all the way arouond the front of her stomach, around her aorta, and around another vessel/ventricle. it's really big and really aggressive. this was devestating news to ryan and shanna. originally they assumed surgery would be done to remove the tumor, but now because of the size and how wrapped around her heart it is, they will have to biopsy it (along with her bone) to determine the type of tumor. from there they will hopefully go straight to chemo. our prayer is the chemo will kill the tumor and in turn, the bones will heal themselves. the bones could be one of two things...side effects of all the hormones/toxins released by the tumor or bone cancer. we are praying that killing/shrinking the tumor will take care of the bones as well. if the tumor does not go away completely, as long as they can shrink it enough to do surgery safely, that is fine too. they are still going to do a brain scan soon to rule out any brain tumors but right now, the cancerous tumor in her stomach is the number one concern. the tumor is very aggressive and they are monitoring it closely, taking measurements daily for any changes. the doc said this tumor could have been there for a year or could have grown in the last 2 weeks when the symtpons started. we are just praying the chemo can kick it's butt!!!

immediate prayers requests...

- layla to remain pain-free or for her pain to be tolerable
- that she continues to EAT!! they won't want to start chemo until she is fattened back up.
- that monday's biopsy goes smoothly and that we get good results...treatable tumor, no change in size, etc.
- that Ryan and Shanna get some rests are able to take care of themselves.
- JENNA and CLAIRE. Jenna is VERY upset, she was crying at school today. She is 8 and worried sick about everything.




Thursday, May 07, 2009

Prayers for Layla Grace

It has been a while since my last post and although I wish I was posting some funny story right now, that is not the case. Instead I am coming to you with a heavy heart. I come begging for prayers as a dear friend, someone I have blogged about before, the genius behind Baby Wears Prada, is sitting in a hospital room with her 17-month old daughter, Layla Grace.

After what was suppose to be a trip to TCH for what was thought to be GI issues, Shanna and Ryan have learned some devestating news. Their precious baby is not dealing with some constipation as previously thought. Instead a parents worst fear has been confirmed and althought the exact diagnosis is unknown, the words cancer...lukemia...brain tumor/neuroblastoma...and spread throughout have been tossed around.

My heart is breaking for both of them. Shanna and I were preggo together. We found out we were expecting around the same time and then learned we were due only a month apart. We share the same gyno so we got to do bloodwork together and countdown the days of miserableness together. We talk daily and IM for hours about everything from husbands and kids to our business hopes and dreams. She has brought more organziation to my clothing line than I could have thought possible. Our kids go to the same preschool and we catch up in the parking lots on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Sometimes we venture to Hobby Lobby and the mall with our youngest or enjoy free Grand Slams at Dennys. We have gotten to be pretty good friends in the last 8 months and Shanna has become someone I thoroughly enjoy being around and talking too. We have a lot more in common than I would have ever guessed a year ago. We have become friends. And because of this...with all the fun we share, I now to share her heartache. I hate feeling helpless and right now I feel utterly helpless. So, all I can do right this minute is ask for prayers and kind thoughts as Ryan and Shanna get settled into a room on the cancer floor of TCH.

Layla Grace has two beautiful big sisters that love her to pieces. Jenna is a GORGEOUS 8 year old that loves her sisters so much and is such a huge help. She in undoubtably worried sick over Layla. Claire is 2 (1 year and 1 month older than Layla) and although she probably doesn't understand what's going on, she is definitely missing her mommy, daddy, and "Yay-ya".

So please pray for the sweet family. Pray for wisdom on the doctor's part and strength for the parents. Pray for peace and comfort for sweet Layla. Pray for this family to be wrapped in a blanket of peace and love as they endure the battle ahead.

Layla and Claire shopping a few weeks back.

Layla in Daddy's arms at TCH today.

If you want to stay updated or would like to offer the Marsh family some prayers or words of encouragement you can follow them on www.twitter.com/laylagrace or txt "follow laylagrace" to 40404 for txt mssg updates.

And check back as I will post updates as well.

Monday, April 20, 2009

"Who Let the Dogs Out?"

I should so be in bed but really, I knew you all could use a little Van-Fam Drama. I think these things really only happen to me...

First though I will share something I was really comfortable sharing until we were past it. The week before last we dealth with something not-so-nice. Something that will make you itch as soon as I tell you about it. Something that I hope to never deal with again but know it's very possible. Something such as - lice. Yuck. It was awful. I have never washed so much in my life. But, here we are almost 2 weeks later and no more lice, but I didn't check tonight so I might need to retract that statement.

And while I'm sharing...I will continue with the stuff I swear, only happens to us...

This morning I woke up to Kenz hollerin' "MAMA" in her crib. I listened for a few and could still hear JD breathing (he's a heavy breather) in his room and could tell he was still sleeping. I laid there a while longer and before long JD was stirring and then all of a sudden I hear him say, "Oh, she's calling me, I got to go." And with that he jumped up and ran to his sister's room. I guess he was hearing "Bubba" instead of "Mama". Regardless it was precious. And that was the highlight of my day. I should have stayed in bed b/c it was all downhill...

I was walking down the stairs carrying Kenz when I missed the 5th step from the bottom and fell. I landed right on my butt and sorta bounced the rest of the way down. My entire bottom half was so sore it was almost numb. I set Kenz down who whined a second but was fine and crawled my way to the couch. I laid there for 15 praying nothing way broken. Eventually I got up and walked it out. I have a nice purple bruise across my right cheek now. I tried to take a bath tonight but really needed one of those donuts they give you after pushing out a baby.

We (any by we I maan Kenzie) had a meltdown during our probiotic granola and yogurt this morning...and then she turned the granola mixture over on her head. That was fun to get out.

Then...my best friend Ashley came over to perform a school experiment on JD. After her pyscho-analysis on my son and after giving him the greenlight fir 1st grade (he's 4) we headed outside while the kiddos played. We were out there for only a few when the real drama started...

Backup 6 months...
...New neighbors move in. Great. They have 2 german shepherd mixed dogs, 1 mama pitbull, and 7 pitbull puppies. Not so great. The dogs attack the fence everytime our dogs are out and over the course of the last 6 months have come in our backyard 10+ times. I bet they have repaired our fence a dozen times (at least). It's ridiculous and needless to say, Jimmy is so over it. I have been fearful things were gonna get ugly...did I mention they are pits?

Well, they were finally down to one mama pit (who's mostly an inside dog), 1 german shep mut, and 4 pits that are not-so-puppyish anymore. So...the kids and I and Ash were all outside today. The kids in the fort and Ash and I on the ground talking. Next thing I know, these 3 pits and german mut coming charging into my backyard. THANK JESUS the kids were in the fort. The dogs have never been overly aggressive so I wasn't too panicked but they did have me cornered onto the stairs and were barking like crazy. Thank GOD Ashley was there b/c she was able to get the hose and spray them to get them to back off some. They would not scare off though...they def. were not scared of us but we finally got them back enough that I could get JD down and in the house and then Kenz (who was scared and crying) down and inside. Ash immediately called Jimmy and was probably more mad than I was. I usually don't tell him when the dogs get out b/c I know eventually he's going to go over there. Or shoot them. He comes home and the calls begin. We called the police dept first and they give us the number to Harris County Animal Control. We call AC and they are at lunch. We wait until 1:00, all the while these dogs in our backyard getting more aggressive by the minute. It was to the point that if any of us walked towards the backdoor they went crazy. There was one that was significantly bigger and more aggressive than the others. He was actually attacking the backdoor. I can't tell you how my hair stood up when Kenz walked over towards the door and that pit went crazy. All his barking and snapping was at the exact level of her face. It was at this point I realized the severity of the issue. So...1:00 rolls around and Jimmy call AC back. After explaning the situation the lady said she would get someone out....
Jimmy: "When?"
AC Lady: "Sometime. Maybe tomorrow, I can't give you an exact time."
Jimmy: "Maybe I need to re-explain the situation. We can't even walk out of our backdoor...what happens if they are back in their yard tomorrow?"
AC Lady: "Well, then there won't be much for us to do..."

This is about the time Jimmy lost it...

AC Lady: "And sir. Pitbulls are a family-friendly breed unless provoked..."
Jimmy: "#@!*&%^#!$*$(^!@*%$#@!(&%$ Don't preach to me and do your job!"


At this point in an attempt to calm Jimmy down and secure our rights as a HO, I called my mom to talk to our lawyer friend Bill. He explained the rights and in short said as long as we file a police rept we would be fine..."

We called the police back and spoke to an anti-pitbull lady who dispatched someone ASAP. A PO showed up a few minutes later. As soon as she went to open the backdoor they came running back through the hole in the fence (the fence issue is never-ending b/c they are constantly breaking th pickets). She went to walk out and they started going crazy. She did what she could to get ahold of the HO's and after no luck called AC herself. They sent someone out and it got worse in worse. In a matter of minutes the bigger pit was getting more and more aggressive. As soon as the AC worker saw the situation he immeditaley said they were going to be removed and if any got aggressive they would be putdown on the spot. He was able to cath all of them but it did take some time. He went after the aggressive one first and he took the longest. By the time he had him restrained he was foaming at the mouth and FREAKING out. Jimmy said it looked like one of those alligators on Animal Planet the way it was spinning. The homeowner's son came home during this mess and had no prob. Apparently they are the mother's dogs and he is sick of dealing with this crap as much as we are. They did advise him that they would have 3 days to get them back after paying the fines and showing proof of registration, rabies vac, etc. All except the aggressive one. He was "red-flagged" meaning he would be put down ASAP. It was really scary there for a bit, especially seeing how more and more out-of-control the big pit was getting. The AC and PO could not get over it...it was pretty bad.

And then...we had a nice quiet afternoon. Jimmy got home and took JD to golf and Kenz and I went to JoAnns and Barnes and Noble.

I did get home to an interesting story. Apparently JD was playing with Jimmy's phone we he said, "Oh!" Never a good sign. "She's talking to me..." Jimmy grabbed the phone and sure enough...JD had dialed 9-1-1. Jimmy said "Hello" and heard, "9-1-1, what's your emergency?" After explaining the situation all was well...

Of course...it was the perfect ending to a odd day. LOL. The positive in all this? Sleeping tonight without listening to dogs fight/bark! Amen to that! And praying they don't return!!!!

Off to bed....


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two New Additions to the Van-Fam

We have two new people living in our house these days...we call them Won-chi and Won-chu. They are brothers. Ok, so they aren't really people. Or non-people for than matter. They are our new favorite words...err...JD's new favorite words. Ok, they are our new favorite words that JD uses.

"Won-chi paint a picture?"

"Won-chi roll the window down for some fresh air?"

"Won-chu come watch a movie and snuggle with me?"

"Won-chu make me chicken nuggets for dinner?"

"Won-chu come enjoy us?" Oh, and this is another new phrase. He asks us to come "enjoy" him. I think this comes from me saying things like "I enjoy watching you and your sister play" or "I enjoy seeing you share with Kenz."

Yes...won-chi and won-chu, we love them. JD doesn't think it's very funny though. All though he is clearly saying "won-chi/won-chu" he is hearing "why don't I and why don't you" so when we repeat it the way it really sounds he gets all upset and stomps his little feat. It's sooo funny, won-chu think?

So, besides the grammar lessons and rain watching...seriously, the rain has been insane, it's been sewing-central here. I did take a break this evening as it seems I am about a week ahead of schedule. What-what? And...I need a new blade on my rotary cutter so I am gonna wait until I make a run by JoAnns tomorrow.

For now...I am gonna answer a few emails and head to bed. Looking forward to church tomorrow morning...and praying for some sunshine.

Ohh...one more thing. Miss Priss has a new favorite commerical. She is a dancing machine so she is quite partial to those with good beats or animals. She really likes animals as well. So of course her new fave is the one with the hamsters/gerbels in the car dancing. She LA-HUVS it! This evening she was laying on Jimmy's chest before bed and as soon as it came on she hopped off the couch and stood up just so she could dance. And laugh. Dance and laugh. I MUST get this on video!


Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Update!

Ahh...what a week. Who knew creating your own clothing line could be so much...work? Ha. It was a very productive week but exhausting all the same. Good news is, we are getting somewhere. The site is up minus the products and a lot of information. I have the clothing line fully designed on paper and most of the fabric either ordered or purchased already. AND...a few pieces of the playdate line completed. Yea! Now only 8-1/2 more outfits to go. Haha. But really, not too bad. The MUDCAKE ORIGINALS photo session is scheduled for the week of May 11th! And as soon as those are edited and added to the site we will be in business. Yea! Of course, I have decided to put a hold on orders right now in order to finish this process. I have a couple more orders to finish this weekend and then it's SUMMER LINE all the way. I am so excited to get this all done!

That's all I got time for, for now. I am headed to bed. I am BEAT!!!


Monday, April 13, 2009


Whoo-hoo. A little sneak peak everyone...

it's not really up and running yet as I have not added any content. i hope to get all added by end of April/early May. i am not doing a HUGE summer line since it's so late already, but there will be a few things available this summer and then a much BIGGER FALL LINE with some fun new things!!!

Also, there of course has to be a blog to go along with the site...so check that out too and please bookmark!

And rest assured, once the site is up and fully functioning, I will send out a huge MASS email informing you all!

Thanks so much for your thougths and prayers...I am so excited to see where the future leads...


Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring is in the Air

Spring is here and I am so happy. I am so ready for some warm weather, some sun, and some fun days at the lake.

Today we headed to the bluebonnets before our FIRST lake-trip this year. Whoohoo! I have wanted to do this the last 3 years and each year something stops us. This year I refused to let that happen. I reminded Jimmy so many times that we were going to the bluebonnets today that he was really getting anoyed with me. Ha. So...we got up, Jimmy and Nick got the boat all clean and vacuumed out and we headed towards the bonnets. We stopped a little past Chappel Hill and took pictures in one of the prettiest fields ever.

1 of the 2 decent ones of both kids...


and yes...we had to pick one.


I love Texas for this reason right here!!!




After our bluebonnet stop we headed to Somerville. It wasn't really the best day for the lake but we have been DESPERATE to get out there! The water was cold and it was cloudy and only about 74 degrees. A little too cool but still so much fun!

Kenz having a blast on the boat.

SOOOO coooollllldddddd!

We are going to be in trouble this year. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the water. She wanted to get in so bad.

She is so silly!


A COMPLETE daddy's girl

Once we got home we had a mini-photo session. My website is almost done and I need a temporary, but good, picture for the home page. So...I tortured MacKenzie a little while as I attempted to get a photo of her in a Mudcake Original. Not sure if I got anything I love for the site...but did get some cute ones of my girl!




And now, my kids are in bed and the hubs and I are watching a movie. I will post after Easter!