Friday, April 17, 2009

Quick Update!

Ahh...what a week. Who knew creating your own clothing line could be so Ha. It was a very productive week but exhausting all the same. Good news is, we are getting somewhere. The site is up minus the products and a lot of information. I have the clothing line fully designed on paper and most of the fabric either ordered or purchased already. AND...a few pieces of the playdate line completed. Yea! Now only 8-1/2 more outfits to go. Haha. But really, not too bad. The MUDCAKE ORIGINALS photo session is scheduled for the week of May 11th! And as soon as those are edited and added to the site we will be in business. Yea! Of course, I have decided to put a hold on orders right now in order to finish this process. I have a couple more orders to finish this weekend and then it's SUMMER LINE all the way. I am so excited to get this all done!

That's all I got time for, for now. I am headed to bed. I am BEAT!!!


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