Thursday, February 28, 2008

Home Sweet Home

So, we have finally settled into our new home. This is such a new experience for me. This is the first home I ever picked out and moved into (our old home Jimmy picked out and well...we never moved into the other 2 we had picked out before)! I can say that I hope to not move ever again - or at least for 10 years. Unless we win the lottery. In that case I'll hire packers, movers, unpackers, and decorators. And it will only be to relocate to a piece of land in a golf course community. LOL! That would make us both extrememly happy. Jimmy wants to live on the course and I want to live on land. And by land I don't mean 465 yards of freshly mowed and well taken care of fairway!

I just love our new house. JD loves it too. I had to run by our old one, now known as the "rent house," the other day after MDO and when we pulled into the neighborhood JD cries, "I don't want to go here, I want to go to my NEW house!!" He loves his room (I - not so much! I'm not a big fan of characters whatsoever!! And it's Thomas the Train. *shudder*) and tells it goodnight every night. Except tonight. He's currently sleeping on the guest bed as I type this because he fell asleep before bedtime. He's still holding the apple he was eating in one hand and the roller (as in a paint roller - clean of course) in the other! Really, what more does a 3 year old need than an apple and a paint roller? Happy as a lark that one!! He also loves his new playstructure (I know that most call it a swingset but I can not bring myself to say that because in our line of work it's referred to as a "play structure") and spends the majority of the day outside. It's very extravagent and glad it came with the house because I don't think his daddy would have spent that kind of money on a playstructure. Then again, if he would have known the hours of peace and quiet inside that it offers - maybe so! Needless to say...JD loves this place!

MacKenzie hasn't quite told me that she loves it, seeing that she's more of a beautiful blob right now. That being said, she's sleeping like crazy these days and no longer requires much rocking. GASP! She quietly falls asleep if I put her down! She is changing so much right now. I don't have any photos to share b/c I can't find my charger!! I believe this warrants a new camera very soon! Anyways...she's getting so much bigger which I love because this means new outfits. Really...when you have a girl, everyday is a fashion day!! It's so much fun! Her smile brightens my day and her laugh is so precious! She's lost much of her hair in the front (which I hide with the biggest bow/flower and headband possible) but it's beginning to grow back. However, this new hair is blonde. Which is great b/c I am hoping she'll have my former blonde hair. Except the hair in the back that never fell out is dark. So right now she's got blonde wispys in the front and a dark come-over like do in the back. Not so sure about that one. Is 4 months to early to start coloring a child's hair?? I KID!!

Jimmy and I are both getting settled very nicely as well. I am loving waking up in the morning, making some coffee, and having my quiet time with the light shining in through the numerous windows!! Beats the dark wood panelled living room we had before!!! It's such a wonderful thing to wake up to! I have also started a new devotional and I L-O-V-E it!!! It's this one and so far I am really enjoying it! I have to admit that all though I know many of the bible stories, it's just from what I was taught growing up in Sunday School. So in just the first week, which covers Gen 1-3. I have already learned so many new things!!! Anyways...would love to hear any feedback on this book!!

Well...better run. I need to hop in the shower and get in bed so I can wake up tomorrow in a good mood!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

The Hormones...Do They Ever Stop?

It has for sure been one of those sentimental days. Or maybe it's year. I don't know. I just always feel on the verge of tears; not necessairly sad tears, just tears. I can read something happy and I cry. I can read something sad and I really cry. I can think about something that happend 10 years ago and cry. I can think of something that could possibly happen in 10 years and I cry. I pretty much just easily cry right now. I'm not sure if I can even say I "feel" like crying,'s just there. It's wierd and just puts me in a funk.

So, for this I am asking for prayers. I will actually be more specific, please pray for some or all (if you aren't packing, moving, unpacking, taking care of a 3 month old and chasing around a 3 year old - okay...crying again. LOL):

- pray for some much (VERY MUCH) needed spiritual growth. I want to be like mildew right now...ha...what a perfect analogy. I want to grow spiritually like mildew does during this rainy season. I want it to be so overwhelming that no amount of chlorox can stop it. I NEED some change so badly. How is it that I KNOW this but actually making it happen is two differnet things? The idea alone is great but throw life into the mix and it all becomes so difficult. BUT, I am not living unless I am living for Him. I want, no I NEED that. I need it more than anything else...please pray.

- pray for sweet Baby Coy. I don't know that someone whom I've never met has ever consumed so many of my thoughts before. I'm sure a lot of it is being in the place I am with my own little ones right now. Ree had Coy less that 2 months after I had MacKenzie...I can't begin to imagine what she is going through. My heart breaks everytime I read they've had a hard day and shouts with joy and praises when they've had a good one! Pray for complete and total healing of this most precious child!

- pray for my brother. My mom and dad (both) are going through such a difficult time with him right now. Please pray that they are able to get a handle on him and get through to him. PLEASE PRAY for my mom's strength in all of this. She's having such a hard time and her heart is literally breaking right now. Please pray for the Lord's word to fill her every thought and for wisdom on handling him the right way.

- pray for 2 dear friends who's embarking on a year since their mom's death. Amy and Austin lost their mom a year ago last month and Amy is having a rough very rough time with it all right now.

Thanks everyone. These prayers do not go unappreciated at all right now. As you can tell, my heart is heavy right now and in so many different ways. I love you all...

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Naked Flying Baby Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Or as JD says it, "Happy Valentine's Birthday!" He just doesn't get how we can have a party if it's not a birthday. So, he's telling everyone it's his Valentine's Birthday Party. Afterall, he did get a present and card!

This is where I'd normally share adorable pictures of my kiddos all done up in their pink and red or "heartbreaker" shirt. But no. My every thought has been about this new house and packing and all that needs to be done, so needless to say, they were not Valentined-out today. Oh well. There's always next year. Actually, Kenz did have an adorable outfit yesterday for our playgroup V-Day party but I failed to take a photo. Oh, and was she cute!!

Anyways...just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!!

Oh, and say a little prayer for us...tomorrow is the big day - we are closing on our new home! Yea!

Monday, February 11, 2008

...and we are counting down

Due to my lack of blogging over the last 4 or 5 months there's a ton to tell. Of course, that require a lot of time and that's one thing I just don't seem to have enough of. Most of it goes to a silly 3 year old and a precious and oh-so-needy 3-1/2 month old.

That being said, there is big news to share. In less that 4 days we will be the proud owners of a new home. Well, technically it's not brand new, but new to us and MUCH newer than the 30 year old home we currently live in! I am ecstatic and just a teeny tiny bit overwhelmed by the packing that needs to be done!!

Our new home is about 10 minutes from where we are now and in a golf course community, this of course is the MAIN ATTRACTION for Jimmy. So, as of next week I'll become a golfer's widow. I kid. It is exciting and I love it for JD. He's constantly asking to go golf and this way they can go and hit balls every afternoon if they want to. We are literally seconds away from the club house and located in the center of 3 different holes. And yada yada yada...can you tell how much I've heard Jimmy talk about this???

As far as "this old house"...see ya! No, it is bitter sweet. This is the house that we brought both of our kiddos home too. Our first house that Jimmy and I owned together. Our house that offered hours of entertainment in the summer with the pool (and hours of upkeep - this I will NOT miss). Our house with the BEAUTIFUL Live Oak in the backyard (this I will miss the most!!) It is sad to leave it. BUT, since we are simply renting it out for now, I can always drive by.

I will tell you more about our new home later, but will say that it's just perfect for us and I can't wait!! For now, I will pack - or blog so that I don't have to. Whatever.

Better get some sleep. Jimmy is taking off tomorrow so we can pack the playroom (yikes - I might donate half to the good will because there's more than any child will ever need in there) and JD's room while he's at MDO. TGFMDO (that's Thank Goodness For Mother's Day Out)!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Boy is 3

So I am typing away on here putting off all that NEEDS to be done. Meanwhile, I have heard the fridge door slam 3 times and the chair being dragged across the kitchen floor. This means a) JD has helped himself to a juice box and b) I will be hearing the wrapper of a dum dum very- there it is. He's now unwrapping the dum dum he just retrieved from the top cabinets in the kitchen. My child is a monkey. Or as Nana calls him, a little tree frog.



My Little Tree Frog is 3 years old now. I can no longer say he's a toddler but a true preschooler. How did this happen? It seems no time ago I was holding him wrapped like a little burrito in the hospital. How is it he's now three? It's mind blowing. He's the most amazing little thing. I can not tel you how many times a day he makes me laugh. He talks up a storm. Literally, he NEVER stops talking. He talks to me, he talks to daddy, he talks to the dogs, he talks to himself. He talks ALL THE TIME. Which I love, but there are times when a little less talking wouldn't be so bad - like when I am trying to lay MacKenzie down, praying she'll stay asleep and about that time JD rounds the corner and says, "Mom - I'm a pricess, see?" Wich is hysterical because he's also wearing a pink boa so of course I can't not laugh which means MacKenzie can't sleep. This is only the start...

In the past 3 years JD has become such a boy. With the exception of the boa incident. He's rough and rowdy and can climb up anything. Literally, we don't call him Tree Frog for nothing. Those feet are sticky and can literally climb up the wall. He loves to get dirty. He can't eat without wearing half of it on his face. He's constantly building something in the living room out of his blocks. He smells like a sweaty little puppy dog when he plays outside. He can make and usually fills any the silence with sound effects.

He's also the most lovingest little one. He tells everyone how much he loves them. The other night he told my mom, "KK, you can kiss me and I won't wipe it off." Now that is sweet! He then asked her, "KK, am I your favorite because I'm my mommy's favorite!" This has always been a phrase between Jimmy and I. Since we were dating we've always called eachother "My Favorite" instead of baby, or honey, or whatever. Once JD was born he was a "Favorite". I guess we better start calling Kenzie this too or she'll get a complex.

Anyways, JD is the most precious thing besides my sweet Kenz to me. I am so totally and completely grateful for these two. There are days that I can't belive God has blessed me with children. What an amazing job I have!

And a quick update on my "sweet girl" - that's JD's name for her. He says, "Momma, my sweet girl is waking up" or "Momma, I think my sweet girl is hungry" or my favorite "Give that sweet girl her pacifywer!"

Kenz is doing much better these days. We have made it past the colic. I can't sing enough praises for this! If you have never had a colicky baby then how lucky you are. If you plan on having kiddos or adding to your brood, there are 2 books I HIGHLY (I can't even begin to tell you how much these books helped us) recommend. Regardless if you have a colicky one or not, they are MUST READS! Here's the 2-pack you can buy because they are both by the same author! We lived by the Fussy Baby one and now live by the sleeping one! I don't know how I made it not havind these with JD. Then again, he was a breeze most of the time - that is until now! LOL!

Back to MacKenzie. She has turned into a mostly happy 3-1/2 month old. I will say for all the crying she did those first 2-1/2 months, she sure smiles a lot now. I don't even think her brother smiled so much. She's got one of the most precious smiles I have ever seen. I love everything about that precious one. She's got the most precious creases in her arms and legs. This is new to me because JD was never a rolly polly baby. She's not really either, just a little fluffy. Her eyes are also just gorgeous. I believe they favor my sister's eyes which is a great thing. They are blue as can be and she's getting these long curly eyelashes. Her sleep is improving. It only takes about 3-5 rounds of putting the pacifier back in before she's out. She's on a pretty good wake, nurse, play, sleep schedule. However, if you do not get that asleep in time, she turns back into the very fussy baby I remember so well.

My favorite moments with her right now are right after she eats. I love her smile! Everytime she finishes nursing she looks up and smiles. So, I always catch her just looking at me with this huge, "I just filled my belly" chubby-faced smile! I can't wait to see what she looks like when she has her first slice of birthday cake! Wait I can...I'm not ready for that yet!!

Here are a few pictures of my sweet girl...






I am so incredibly blessed....