Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Naked Flying Baby Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Or as JD says it, "Happy Valentine's Birthday!" He just doesn't get how we can have a party if it's not a birthday. So, he's telling everyone it's his Valentine's Birthday Party. Afterall, he did get a present and card!

This is where I'd normally share adorable pictures of my kiddos all done up in their pink and red or "heartbreaker" shirt. But no. My every thought has been about this new house and packing and all that needs to be done, so needless to say, they were not Valentined-out today. Oh well. There's always next year. Actually, Kenz did have an adorable outfit yesterday for our playgroup V-Day party but I failed to take a photo. Oh, and was she cute!!

Anyways...just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Valentine's Day!!

Oh, and say a little prayer for us...tomorrow is the big day - we are closing on our new home! Yea!

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