Saturday, April 18, 2009

Two New Additions to the Van-Fam

We have two new people living in our house these days...we call them Won-chi and Won-chu. They are brothers. Ok, so they aren't really people. Or non-people for than matter. They are our new favorite words...err...JD's new favorite words. Ok, they are our new favorite words that JD uses.

"Won-chi paint a picture?"

"Won-chi roll the window down for some fresh air?"

"Won-chu come watch a movie and snuggle with me?"

"Won-chu make me chicken nuggets for dinner?"

"Won-chu come enjoy us?" Oh, and this is another new phrase. He asks us to come "enjoy" him. I think this comes from me saying things like "I enjoy watching you and your sister play" or "I enjoy seeing you share with Kenz."

Yes...won-chi and won-chu, we love them. JD doesn't think it's very funny though. All though he is clearly saying "won-chi/won-chu" he is hearing "why don't I and why don't you" so when we repeat it the way it really sounds he gets all upset and stomps his little feat. It's sooo funny, won-chu think?

So, besides the grammar lessons and rain watching...seriously, the rain has been insane, it's been sewing-central here. I did take a break this evening as it seems I am about a week ahead of schedule. What-what? And...I need a new blade on my rotary cutter so I am gonna wait until I make a run by JoAnns tomorrow.

For now...I am gonna answer a few emails and head to bed. Looking forward to church tomorrow morning...and praying for some sunshine. more thing. Miss Priss has a new favorite commerical. She is a dancing machine so she is quite partial to those with good beats or animals. She really likes animals as well. So of course her new fave is the one with the hamsters/gerbels in the car dancing. She LA-HUVS it! This evening she was laying on Jimmy's chest before bed and as soon as it came on she hopped off the couch and stood up just so she could dance. And laugh. Dance and laugh. I MUST get this on video!


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