Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tube Time

This is the week I wait all summer for. The week when fall begins and life returns to normal. The week when the kids are in bed ON TIME every night! The week all good things return...yes, I am referring to the week that the real fall lineup begins! So, please do not call me between the hours of 7 and 10, I will be watching tv.

My week looks like this...warning you now, hubs and I are TV JUNKIES!!!

8:00 - Prison Break - I actually do not watch this one, but we DVR because it's Jimmy's favorite!

8:30 - Samantha Who? - This really doesn't start until 10/13 but I am so excited that I can't skip it! It's hil-ar-ious!
9:00 - CSI:Miami - Is Horatio dead? Is he, is he??!! I hope not...but maybe!
9:00 - The Hills - I can't help it, I love it. It's DVR'd because Hubby could careless, but really, who doesn't love a little drama on their Monday?!

7:00 - 90210 - I can vividly remember watching this with my mom growing up and although I don't think it's near as good (and missing the eye candy), I still enjoy it. It's cute but makes me feel old!
7:00 - HOUSE - I love me some Hugh Laurie. House and I would be good friends. We share the same humor, with the exception of our views on GOD. I hope if I am ever sick someone as good (and strangely good-looking) will be my doc.

8:00 - The Mentalist - I plan on watching it. What's one more show?

8:00 - Fringe - Joshua Jackson had me in Dawson's Creek!


7:00 - America's Next Top Model - I could have done without the tranny, but love me some fashion and make-up! Tyra is a bit nutty, which is a little annoying after a full hour, but still good!

7:30 - Gary Unmarried - I am a sucker for s 30-minute comedy. It's a good break from the weekly dramas.

8:00 - Private Practice - I can't wait until this starts back. It's a light-watch, not as heavy as Grey's. Plus, if I had to become the look-alike of an actress on tv, it would so be Kate Walsh.

9:00 - Lipstick Jungle - I am just dying for this to start back up!!! I love this show, 3 women rocking it! What more could you ask for?

9:oo - CSI:NY - Love this team and ready for some more!

9:00 - Dirty Sexy Money - uh oh, my DVR only allows 2 shows, what are we going to do??? Dang it!

THURSDAY - Only the BEST night of TV!

7:00 - Ugly Betty - YEA!!! Last season ended with both boys popping the question?? What's Betty to do! I vote for the sandwich guy!

7:00 - My Name is Earl - Who doesn't like a little trash now and then? Funny trash that is!

8:00 - Grey's Anatomy - YEAAAA!!! I can not wait! I am in need of some Derrick & Merideth! Some Izzy! Some McSteamy!!! Seriously excited here!!! And a 2-hour premiere??!!!


8:00 - Desperate Housewives - The way last year ended was insane! I don't even know what to expect with this one!

9:00 - Brothers and Sisters - Another one of my faves! I can't wait!!! America's favorite and most dysfunctional family!!!

So, I's bad. Seroiusly. We apparently have a problem. No, really, Jimmy and I don't sleep. This is our time together. We watch all the same shows. It's fun. I so can not wait to crawl up on the couch with my man and watch some tube!!!



Rachel Lee Broussard said...

ok, I just got done watching The HIlls and CSI, holy moly!!! I hate Lo even though she is trying to be nice to Audrina. Stephanie is an ugly backstaber (not you, Pratt), I really do like Heidi's nose job and wish Spencer would get a life. CSI: wow, I almost thought I was going to have to hate Ryan Wolf for a min. I am so glad that H is alive. Did Callie get her lips done? And you already know how I feel about Gray's anatomy!! We watched the first season together and I wish I could still come over for Grey's night! I can't believe its happening, Derrick and Merideth!! Finally. Mcdreamy, I have been waiting allll summer. So chers to the fall lineup!

Amy said...

Amen sista! What would I do without my DVR????

Shanna said...

Geez Steph, what are you going to find time to whip up boutique clothes, teach me how to sew, plan parties and spend all night on IM with me searching for pettiskirts?? We only watch Prison Break and Mad Men...I need to get with the program!

August said...

I hear ya!

But wait.... No "The Office"? I am so excited, the season premiere is on Thursday night! I can't wait!!


& here i thought i was the dork in the family.


kristyo15 said...

I guess we have more in common than just our kiddos! Love me some Hills, 90210 (def. not as good as original, but still watchin'), America's Next Top Model, Private Practice, Grey's, Dirty Sexy Money ( bad it's great), and of course the Sunday ABC line up! By the way, I am definitely interested in some of those outfits, just having trouble making up my mind! Hope you're having a great week.

I am Trish Marie said...

Tell Jimmy to suck it up, even Kenny sits through The Hills. Of course, he does take the dogs out for a lot of potty breaks and gets up for a quite a few snacks during that half hour....

I am still not sure of the new 90210. I think I only watch it because I have little else to watch on Tuesdays.

Melissa Williams said...

No Gossip Girl??? Hmmm, I don't know if I should have just admitted to that one!