Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We have entered the stage of "WHY?" I have heard and read about it, but never really experienced it until now. If JD says "why" once, he says it a hundred times in one day. It really isn't just "why" but every type of question you can imagine. Some of the recent questions I have had to answer...

Q: As we are walking to school, "Why is this a street?"
A: It was made so we can walk on it.
Q: "Why do we walk on it?"
A: To get to where we are going.
Q: "Where are we going?"
A: To school.
Q: "Why are we going to school?"
A: So you can learn new stuff and be smart.
Q: "Why do I need to be smart?"
A: So you can get good grades and get into a good school and get a good job.
Q: "Why do I need a good job?"
A: So you can take of yourself.
Q: "Why do I need to take care of myself?"
A: So mommy doesn't have to.
Q: "Who takes care of you?" never ends.

We are also getting very theological in our old age. Here's a daily convesation we have...
Q: "Who made us?"
A: God made us.
Q: "Why?"
A: Because he loves people and wanted to make us to love.
Q: "Who made the sun?"
A: God
Q: "Who made the trees?"
A: "God"
Q: "Who made the dogs?"
A: God
Q: "Who made KK?"
A: God
Q: "Who made the cars?"
A:, he taught man how to make the cars.
Q: "Who made God?"
A: Nobody, God was always here.
Q: "Why?"
A: Because He was.
Q: "Why?"
GOD, give me answers!! Please!!

It's like this all day everyday. Which, is amazing because it really does show how he's growing and developing, but tiresome all the same.

He's also been gifted with quite the imagination. He gets this from me. Jimmy never played well on his own and according to his mom, has never been super imaginative. I on the other hand...could play all day by myself. I loved playing with friends, but even then, we didn't need much more than a sprinkler or a chalkboard. We could have fun all day making up stories and putting on concerts.

JD is the same way. Give him a tub of tinker toys and he'll entertain himself for hours. He "names" all his creations as well. And they are soo funny. In the last week alone he's made the following...a kaboomer for daddy's truck...a fireball shooter for daddy's truck...a poker...and the list goes on. I have no idea where he comes up with these things. Jimmy and I just laugh.

He truly is someone special and is growing taller (and smarter) by the day.


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