Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Little Sass!

Seriously...I just was told that CFISD is closed Monday as well. Jesus, please help me - if school is not open come Tuesday you are gonna have a very frusterated mama. I need a break from my sweet JD. A break in a bad way.

I am not sure what happened to him today. I am thinking maybe someone snuck in and spiked his capri sun with caffeine. Seriously?! He bounced off the wall. So much so that I fell asleep on the chair in the living room and was dreaming away and even in my dream I could hear Jimmy fussing at him to "CALM DOWN!" I bet between Jimmy and I we repeat this phrase 25 times a day. I have no idea where he gets this energy from. Jimmy is as unenergetic as they come. Me maybe? I mean, it's true that I can't sit still very long and I hate having weekends with nothing to do. I do tend to overschedule myself and spend most days playing catch up. But I am not hyper. No, not at all. Hmmm, he must have inherited that from an aunt or uncle or something.

On to other things...equally as exciting but less stressful. I just finshed two more outfits. One was a gift for a sweet friend's daughter. Miss Reagan Mac turned a year old this week and her precious princess party was today. I made her an outfit similar to this one but in a precious purple, electric blue, and lime green print. I wish I would have gotten pictures but I didn't have any time! I will post some once Jessica sends me some to show off! It was cute and that precious thing will look FAB in it!!!

This is the other one I just finished. It is near and dear to my heart. Mostly because it's all things sassy - pink and zebra...who doesn't heart some pink and zebra!? It's a sassy little number for a sassy little number!!

And no, I didn't "make" the jeans - just embellished them!

Miss Kenz is getting sooo big! Tear...

I *love* this picture!

A little personalization!

She's got the most precious lips!!!



And of course, a blog entry wouldn't be complete without a picture of mama and her wild man!!! I sure love this little guy...


Amanda said...

Amen to MDO!

Here It Comes said...

When my cell rang with that now recognized know the blast phone call we all get from the school district...tears came to my eyes! No! I NEED school again. I immediately hung up and called Kenny, who had also received the call. He was laughing. Laughing! It's not funny. I am dropping those kids off at school on Monday. I don't care if it is open or not. I can't take another day! The kids are wild. It isn't like summer when we had activities planned out. They are just sitting around bored. Grrrrr...

And? I love the outfit! I'll have to send you some of the baby outfits I made for some friends.

Okay...Kenny keeps coming to the window and giving me the "you better come help me" look. He is working on the fence.....

Rachel Lee Broussard said...

wow, some of those little looks on her sweet face look just like her mama!She is getting way to big! Aww miss y'all :)


my girl looks so freakin cute. oh & my name is shannon. not tat. you dork.

Amy said...

I LOVE the outfits!!! you are going to have to help me when I get my sewing machine for my !!