Thursday, September 21, 2006

Silence is NOT Golden

First Timer...

I'm not sure what made me start one of these...maybe it was the ridiculously long email I just sent to a dear friend updating her on the family. I think it just felt good to write. I had to make myself stop because it was getting a little out of hand. Regardless...Here I am, and I promise to make a better effort on updates than I have in the past.

JD, as most of you know, is now 20 months old. This means we are 4 months away from being the parents of a two-year old. I'm not sure if that is frightening or exciting! Maybe a little of both. Jimmy is concerned that JD has already emerged into the terrible two stage. I just tell him, "No, he's a boy". He's happy and full of life! He makes us laugh - a lot - and keeps us on our toes. We've come to learn that silence is no longer golden - but a cue that someone is doing something he probably shouldn't!

Silence = JD doing one or all of the following:

- pulling the moss out of Mommy's palm tree and then throwing the dirt over the couch (how did he ever think of this???) and onto the end table! This (so far) is the only action that results in a time-out!

- sitting on the floor in front of the pantry eating his cereal of choice (either fruit loops or frosted flakes) straight from the box - and making the dog's day by sharing!

- playing in the dog's crates looking for lost kibbles and bits (I promise we do feed him)

- sitting on the computer desk playing with the mouse, or tape, or pens, or taping the pens to the mouse

- running in place (his form of dancing) on the fireplace, ottoman, couch, bed, or some other "non-dance friendly" place

- drinking from the dog's bowl

I promise he does get fussed at for the above and does know he's in trouble. I know this because when I walk-in to find him covered in dirt eating frosted flakes he says, "No JD, No No No!"

Before I sign off on my first post...I'll leave you with a laugh!!

Background information (for those who don't already know): Jimmy and I are blessed to share this wonderful parenting experience with a sister and brother-in-law. Aylie, Jimmy's sister, has a witty 4-1/2 year old daughter - Alexis and a tank of a son, Nicky, who just turned 2 - six months older than JD! Yes we know...We have some crazy years ahead of us!!

Last weekend Jimmy and JD were over at Aylie and Nick's house along with Jimmy's mama - Susan. As in our house, things got a little quiet so Jimmy and Aylie went searching for the kiddos. Again just like our house, an open bathroom door means TROUBLE!!! Aylie and Jimmy walk in to find a bathroom under water, literally. Standing water, nothing left in the toilet, and two wet boys. JD is standing there with wet clothes and a coke can, which we assume was his means of transferring the water to the floor, smiling; Nicky is next to him, trying to look very innocent because he's empty handed, with a wet strip of hair that comes to a point in the center of his forehead!! Yes...You guessed it!!! JD gave Nicky his first (and probably ONLY) swirly!! At this point you can't even fuss, because every one is sooo doubled over in laughter and you're just waiting for the boys to give each other high fives!! There's nothing better than boy cousins!

Hope you enjoyed....

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Jackson said...

Yay! I love your new blog! I will check it often and annoy you if you don't do new posts. :) I look forward to hearing more stories.
Love ya,