Monday, February 09, 2009

The Cowboy and The Horse

JD has a wee-bit of an imagination. It's really funny because he is a constant source of entertainment for his daddy and I. I have an imagination as well, which would be why staying home alone when Jimmy is out of town is not such a good idea. When JD starts to tell a story, we never know what's going to come out. Or whether it's true or not for that matter. Tonight was quite the same...

While in the bathtub he started in on a good one...
----"Mom, I am going to tell you a story. Once upon a time, there was a boy, a cowboy named JD. He had a horse, and a gun, and a sword."
"Oh, yeah? And what was his horses name?"
"No. Rad-i-cal!"
"Oh, Rad-i-cal! And what did the cowboy and the horse do?"
"They played hide-n-seek and duck, duck goose!"
"Where did the horse hide?"
"Behind the fence"
"And the coowboy named JD?"
"Under his covers in his bed"
"Did the horse find him?"
"Yeah. Rad-i-cal looked everywhere. Then he looked in my room but didn't see me. Then there was another door that went to the bathroom and he looked there. Then there was another door that went to the clothes pantry, and he looked there. But then he looked in the covers and found the cowboy."
"What happened next?"
"Mom, you need to bathe me now!"

And that was the end. Gotta love it! I defintely like how he refers to his closet as the "clothes pantry!"



August said...

That was hilarious! I love your stories!!

Sarah said...

So cute! I love the imaginations of kids. Clothes pantry is definitely my favorite too!

Amy said...