Monday, May 07, 2007

'Stros Highs and Lows

I've been racking my brain for something worth posting. Not much comes to mind. It was a pretty slow weekend in The Van house.

We hung around Saturday and tried to be productive. This was hard because it was my FAVORTIE kind of Saturday. It was a beautiful day and the Astros were on. That's like the best combination ever! There is nothing I'd rather do on a Saturday then lay on the couch with the sun shining in through the windows and watch the 'Stros! Especially when we are kicking some Cardinal butt!!!! The game was a great one and the bats were alive!!!! Our rookie right-hander Matt Albers pitched 7-1/3 great innings!!! He only allowed 3 hits and put Mr. Pujols in his place!! And the for the first time in who knows when, we didn't leave men on every inning!! We were actually letting them touch all 4 bases!!! Amazing what some hits can bring!! Anyways...a shut-out yes indeed. What a beautiful 13-0 WIN!!!

Sunday was a different story, AND if that wasn't bad, the BIG Clemens announcement came! What a bummer! I can't say I blame him, but still...BUMMER!!! What am I suppose to do with my Clemens jersey now???? And did you hear why he chose the Yankees????? Apparently the Astros weren't going to be ready for Roger to return until the end of June and he wants to play now!! WHAT?! When The Rocket wants to play - You let him play!!! Thanks for letting another one go Drake McLane!!! What is it with Houston and their stupidity in passing up INCREDIBLE players???? Vince Young, Reggie Bush, Roger Clemens????? Way to go've done it again!!

On a better note. We did spend Sunday at the lake with some friends. The weather was kinda crappy. It was sunny, but SOOO windy! Oh well...I got some more color. And really? That's whats most important, right??

We are counting down the days!!! ONLY 3 more and we will be at The Frio River. Ahh...the sweet life. I CAN NOT wait!!!!

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