Thursday, May 03, 2007

Three Things...

So I have a few fun things for the day...

First off, I am finally doing it (no, I'm not working out or washing my car) - I am finally going to redo this ole blog. I've wanted to for a while, ever since Amanda at Baby Bangs and LPM made theirs a little fancier. But, I just couldn't devote the time and money to doing it until I became a more dedicated blogger. And I think I'm on my way to that. I don't know if this means my life is slowing down or I've just finally sped up enough, either way - I'm gonna be here more often. I've already gotten better!! looking for the new look. I'm still not sure what I want exactly. I'm hoping Lindsey at Splat Designs can help a sista out. I'm thinking blues and greens and I really like water. Any ideas are welcomed...

Second, I have to share a few photos of my little man, but I need to share something first. Over the last year I've been told countless times how JD resembles his father. I've heard everything from they look similar to they are spitting images of one another. I guess this is something that bothers some mothers because it's usually followed with an apology - that or they think my husband is ugly...hmmm...I dunno. Either way, JD looks like his dad. I don't mind this one bit. Matter of fact, I think it's a bit promising because Jimmy was as good looking as they came in high school and he's only gotten better. So, JD's in luck. I've never really disagreed but I've never really seen it either. Occasionally I'll see a baby picture of Jimmy and notice some of JD in it, but as for the day to day - he just looks like JD to me. This was until a week ago. JD and I were on our way home from a play date and he'd passed out in his car seat. I looked back to check on him and it was the strangest thing. When I looked at him I saw Jimmy's face. I had to blink a few times to even realize it was JD. He looked JUST like his daddy. Granite - it was the jawline and big square head that really did it - but still, for the first time I saw what everyone else saw. He's his daddy's boy.

Here are a few pictures that remind me of Jimmy that I took of JD today (kinda a mouthful there). They don't necessarily look like Jimmy, but the outfit and smile remind me of his daddy for sure. You be the judge...

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Can we say all boy? I asked him to say cheese and right when I got ready to take the picture he lifted his shirt and said cheese in the silliest voice ever.

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A much better one! Did you happen to notice the huge bruise on his forward. Once again, ALL BOY!

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I especially like this picture. Please notice the shovel, wad of post-it notes, and truck in his hands. All which I had to pry from his fingers before going to MDO!

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And a picture of the two most amazing guys in my life. How blessed I am to have these two!!!


I thought I'd leave you with this very cute Mother's Day Story!

So, we had this great 10 year old cat named Jack who just recently died. Jack was a great cat and the kids would carry him around and sit on him and nothing ever bothered him. He used to hang out and nap all day long on this mat in our bathroom.

Well we have 3 kids and at the time of this story they were 4 years old, 3 years old and 1 year old. The middle one is Eli. Eli really loves chapstick. LOVES it. He kept asking to use my chapstick and then losing it. So finally one day I showed him where in the bathroom I keep my chapstick and how he could use it whenever he wanted to but he needed to put it right back in the drawer when he was done. Last year on Mother's Day, we were having the typical rush around trying to get ready for Church with everyone crying and carrying on. My two boys are fighting over the toy in the cereal box. I am trying to nurse my little one at the same time I am putting on my make-up.

Everything is a mess and everyone has long forgotten that this is a wonderful day to honor me and the amazing job that is motherhood.
We finally have the older one and the baby loaded in the car and I am looking for Eli. I have searched everywhere and I finally round the corner to go into the bathroom. And there was Eli. He was applying my chapstick very carefully to Jack's . . . rear end.

Eli looked right into my eyes and said "chapped." Now if you have a cat, you know that he is right--their little butts do look pretty chapped. And, frankly, Jack didn't seem to mind.
And the only question to really ask at that point was whether it was the FIRST time Eli had done that to the cat's behind or the hundredth.
And THAT is my favorite Mother's Day moment ever because it reminds us that no matter how hard we try to civilize these glorious little creatures, there will always be that day when you realize they've been using your chapstick on the cat's butt.

I must add that we've had a similar situation at the Van house. JD has a plastic tool box with a bunch of tools. He plays with this daily. The other morning I was rushing around trying to get him ready for MDO. He was in the kitchen with me while I was making his lunch. He had his plastic electric screwdriver in his hands and I kept hearing it sound and then Max's toenails scratching the floor. Max is one of our American Eskimos and AE's have these bushy tails that curl up and over like cats. It was a few seconds later when I realized JD was trying to stick the screwdriver in Max's little butthole. It was the funniest and yet most disturbing thing I've seen him do. I do owe this poor dog something special for all he puts up with!!

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Kim~"Mama G" said...

Well, all I have to say is HE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE GUY IN THE WORLD...TO ME!!!!! I love that fellow!