Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Toys for Sale!!!

Something has been brought to my attention in the last few days. We no longer have a need for a room full of toddler toys. How can this be? I have a 2 year old son that lives to play - why would we possibly be considering giving away all his toys?? Maybe because he never touches them!!! Why would he possibly want to play with an AquaDoodle or a Weeble Wooble Farm when he's got a million other things that he's not suppose to play with.

Play with the Little people school or dump out momm'y face lotion?

Play with connectors or jump on mom's bed?

Read 1 of a 100 books or fill up the top of mom's pillar candles with toilet water?

Color in my Cars coloring book or write all over daddy's 52" big screen with permanent marker?

Play in my tool box or take all of mommy's bras and panties out of her drawer?

Make a lego castle or dump out a bag of pretzels and then step on them?

Play on my Sit-N-Spin or sprinkle dog food all over the house?

Figure out my puzzles or cover Max in diaper ointment?

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. And the worst part is, when I fuss at him or put him in time-out for one of the above, he looks at me and says, "That's funny". I'll show you funny....

Of course, he's also really good and being sweet too. When I'm upset with him or fussing at him, he looks at me and in the sweetest, softest voice he says, "But mommy, I wuv you." And yes, at this point it's all over...


Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Steph, I love this post! I was having the same thoughts today as Jackson was strewing all my toiletries around my room. I'm thankful he can't open them yet, but it won't be long!

Kim~"Mama G" said...

Oh Sweet Pea, the fun is just beginning. BUT, I WUV YOU. He's got you girl!!!! Love your guts. Mom.

Marissa said...

Oh ha you think thats bad, but I'll be one to tell you, it gets even better. They think of things to do and get into you can't even begin to imagine... therefore you can't put it away or hide it to prevent it from happening. =) But like you, it's all over when they look at you so sweetly and say "I wuv u mommy" or Hank's favorite on his way to time out "I say sorry mommy! I say sorry!!" I'm already worrying about what TWO boys can come up with, because Lord knows it will be double trouble all the way. ha. But thats what makes the memories and makes raising children worth every second of it. All the funny stories and things that make you think "how in the hell did he think to do that?" Because that just means he's growing and getting smarter everyday. (or we're just getting dumber) Laugh about it and move on because it could always be worse!!! (your son could be like mine and think it's ok to pee in the grass ANYWHERE, or better yet, tell you he's a dog and thats why he thought it was ok to poop in the grass!) love ya!!! ~Rissa