Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Feeling Very Well Rested...

Well, I didn't have a chance to post yesterday because I SLEPT all day. Heck, if I could just have surgery every couple of months I'd probably be in a better mood because I could catch up on my sleep!

I want to start by thanking EVERY single person that prayed for me and my precious bun. I think yesterday morning was the most anxious/scared I've been in a long while. This was the fourth surgery I've had on my cervix, so by no means am I new at this, but this time was so different. I knew going into it that it was high risk and I was so scared of losing the baby. I could tell my doctor was a bit anxious as she was once again going over the risks and chance of miscarriage. I was on the verge of tears all morning. This was also the first procedure I've had done where my mom was not sitting next to me. She wasn't happy about this either, but we needed someone to watch JD. He's not really hospital-friendly as he has not discovered his inside voice. So Jimmy had the job of calming me down and keeping me occupied, and let's face it, husbands do not compare to mother's in situations like these. Poor guy...

Anyways, the procedure went well and things are going great. Jimmy said that when Dr. S came out after the procedure she was extremely happy with how things went. There was very little bleeding and the baby's heart beat sounded great afterwards. I was home by 10:30 and slept all day.

I can also say that things (so far) are going MUCH better than last time. As I've mentioned previously, I had a similar procedure with JD. When I was pregnant with him, my doctor at the time did the McDonald's Cerclage (I know...strange name) as well, but inserted two stitches instead of one. This time Dr. S only put in one stitch. My cervix reacted very poorly to the two stitches before and I had a difficult time the entire pregnancy. So far things are looking up. I've cramped very little and have had no bleeding. With JD I cramped for days and bled A LOT. So I'm praying that this is the start of a much better post-cerclage pregnancy!

So thanks again...the prayers were heard and I'm feeling great. I'm so thankful things went as well as they did and I can now move on with the remaining 6 months!!

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