Monday, May 21, 2007

Prayer Request

So...I'm needing some major prayers from you dedicated prayer warriors out there. I'm not sure why it didn't occur to me to post this earlier, I guess that's just how my mommy-brain works these days!!

A good friend of mine in JD's playgroup has been going through A LOT with her adorable son. He was born prematurely and from then has had endless problems. They have spent the last couple of months literally in and out of the hospital. Because I can not even begin to describe all of B's problems, I'm gonna insert a few of D's recent posts regarding B's condition! I can tell you that he's had heart problems from birth, but recently it seems the problems have tripled!

May 11
I know you all are tired of hearing this, but B was admitted to the hospital AGAIN!! Yes, again for the 3rd time in 3 weeks. Can you believe our luck? I feel like we are being punished for something. B went through so much today. Of course he has another IV. He also had a catheter, blood work, EEG and CAT scan. Tomorrow (Friday) he will have a MRI and other testing done.

The Doctors did find a couple of things wrong with B but they still believe there is more because his fever spiked to 103.6 while at the hospital today and he want stop sleeping. He is basically motionless, no walking, talking, moving, eating, nothing. Plus the short time he is awake and walking he wobbles. They told us tonight around 1am that his liver test came back abnormal and that he has a sinus infection. Of course they are more concerned about his abnormal liver test and will do further testing to find out what is wrong in the morning.

May 12
We got some of the results back from B's test yesterday. I did not update the board yesterday b/c the news was hard to absorb. It showed that he is severely anemic. It turns out that he does not have iron deficiency anemia but a rare genetic blood disorder that is common in Native Americans. My father was part Indian and there is also Indian blood on my mothers side of the family. I can't believe this news! The doctor told me that this disease is not common in African Americans and asked my about my family history and if anyone in my family was Native American. I never knew that being part Indian would come back and bite me in the butt. I am so nervous about what the doctor will tell us today.

Monday B will have more test done so I know for sure he will be here even longer. We are waiting on his iron levels test and to find out if damage was done to B's liver since his liver test came back abnormal. I am so sick at the stomach right now. The only good news is my mother will be back today even though she just left here last Sunday.

I will keep you posted but I already know Monday will be an emotional day so I can't say when I will update. Thanks for your prayers and please keep praying!!

May 15
B is getting a feeding tube tonight at 8pm. The only other thing we know is that his spleen is swollen, he has a gall stone, infection in his liver, very low iron (almost none in the body), and still will not eat or drink. He will have a swallow study done and is getting occupational therapy and physical therapy. B can not walk without almost falling, if his hand is not held he will stumble and/or fall. The doctors did say he will have the feeding tube for about 6 weeks. Please, please keep praying!!!

May 17
Today was the best day so far. His liver still needs to improve and he will go home with a feeding tube but he is much better!! Thanks again for all the prayer!!!!! He has about 2 more test before he can go home. We found out that most of his problems are because he has lacked so much nutrition that he hit all of the marks for this due to him not eating. He will go home with a feeding tube for 6 weeks and will receive therapy to improve his walking and eating. Once we are home he will be able to attend some playdates with the feeding tube just as long as no one is sick.

May 19
It was decided that B was well enough to go home so the date was scheduled for Monday to go home. Since we were going home they needed to change B's feeding tube to a weighted feeding tube to lessen the chance of him vomiting, sneezing or coughing it out. We were told that it was practically impossible for the tube to come out. The Dr. comes in and places the tube in which takes about 10 minutes between B crying from being in so much pain & trying to make sure it's in the right place . After the tube is in a X-ray is taken to make sure the tube is in the right place, it was not so B was given medicine so that the tube would fall into the right place. We finally get B comfortable and he starts coughing. The he starts to vomit non-stop and the tube comes out through his mouth!!! He starts choking b/c the tube bended when it came out through his mouth. The Dr. pulled the tube out of his mouth so that it was straight and then pulled the tube out from his nose. This was the scariest experience I have ever had!!! B was crying so hard he was dripping with sweat. Because of this he did not get his feeding last night.

Today the doctor started all over again to get the tube in and again it came out but this time through B's nose. We waited about 4 hours and gave B medicine to help relax him, but as soon as he saw the Dr and nurse he covered his mouth and nose b/c he already knew what was going to happen. I thank GOD that the tube stayed down this time!! This is way to much to bare but I have no choice but to bare it.

As you can see...this is never ending. This is after a month of already being in and out of the hospital due to swollen adenoids and B not being able to breathe.

This is the most courageous woman I have ever met and B is the most adorable little boy. He's a little older than JD and sooo precious. When D & B joined our playgroup in February, this was the FIRST time in B's life he'd ever been exposed to other children outside of his family. It was so amazing to watch him play. As a mother, I can not even begin to know how D feels. My heart breaks every time I hear more sad news. I know they are so excited to go home, but so nervous of going back.

Please, please, please keep this family in your prayers. They are so unbelievably strong, but need all the prayers they can get!

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The Silva's said...

The prayers have begun, may god wrap these angels in his arms and bring healing to their family. We will be praying for strength for this family and for a miraculous recovery this very special little boy. They are in my thoughts, Stephanie, please let us know how he is doing. There is nothing worse as a parent than to see your child hurting. Children are so very resilient and we pray for nothing less than a speedy recovery for this family.