Thursday, May 17, 2007

And M is for Maid

So it's been a few days, but it's been a VERY busy week. Apparently going out of town is the fun part, the coming home - not so much fun. My house looks like a tornado struck and I can't get caught up on the clothes!!! Ugh!

Then there's the house selling issue. I'm not gonna elaborate too much right now, but I would like to ask for y'alls prayers. We have a contract on ours and a contract on another one - but until it all goes through this time, I need some prayer support. I'll tell you more about the new one later and why we decided to sell. For now, just know we got a great offer and the new house is oh-so perfect!!!

So the last few days JD has been really testing his mama's patience! I don't have much, but what I do have, well they've been TESTED to say the least!

Last night was the first night I felt mean and I just didn't care!!! I was so mad at the sweet child I could have rung his neck. I was doing laundry and he was suppose to be laying on the couch watching Cars before bed. I went around the corner to check on him and he was gone. About this time I see him at full speed rounding the corner in the hall, daddy not far behind. "JD, get on this couch and LAY down!!" Jimmy asks, "Ummm....who had Smoothie King?" CRAP!! I don't even want to know! My sweet JD decided to have himself a taste and boy did he taste it alright. After assessing the situation, I believe this is how it went down:

While sitting on the chair in the living room, JD removes the lid from the SK cup. After trying to drink/play in/spilling a little on the couch, he realizes this might cause some problems and slips from the room. After climbing up on mom's bed (her side naturally) he proceeds to drink a little more - spilling most of it on the sheets and the clothes yet to be washed. This isn't working to well either, so he decides to climb down and figure something else out. He then pours the rest out on our tv stand where it will be much easier to lick off.

AHHHHHHHHHH!! So, yes...I indeed had another mess to clean up! I was soo mad I stuck his butt in timeout so fast! After cleaning everything up, I put him straight to bed! read that right. He went from time out to bed. How mean am I? Even Jimmy asked if he could watch tv for a minute before bed - NOOO....I want his butt in bed now!!!

45 minutes later JD is still crying from him crib yelling "Mama...." I finally cave and went and got him out of bed. We laid on the couch and I asked him if he got in trouble? He said, "Yes...I had to sit time-out!" He then hugged me and told me "I wud you." This was immediately followed by him stroking my hair and saying "I wike your hair!" They are so precious! Anyways, he fell asleep in my arms. He was sound asleep only 2 minutes after I got him out of bed, but I think he just needed his mommy to know he was sorry and that he loved me.

I wish I could say I haven't cleaned up a mess of his since then, but sadly, that's not true. I just finished cleaning up an entire bag of pretzels (my only pregnancy craving thus far) that he poured out, marched on top of, and spread around the kitchen with a spatula. When I came in there, I put him in time out where he told me, "I'm in trouble!"

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Marissa said...

I love reading your stories of the things JD does because that just means it's NOT JUST MY CHILD! Really makes me feel better.... just so you know! =) And of course, it makes me laugh because when it's Hank doing things such as these "terrible" incidents, it's not so funny. So thanks for the laugh and the reassurance that it's ALL kids and not just mine. That it's not my fault or "bad parenting" that causes these crazy things to happen.... you are a great friend for putting my mind at ease! ha. love ya!