Monday, June 04, 2007

Home At Last!

So we are home at last. It's funny how exhausting a weekend of relaxing can make you!! I need a vacation after my vacation!!

Vegas was a lot of fun. It was so wonderful just spending time with my man. We did a lot of stuff together, but I had plenty of free time as well! The pool at the Golden Nugget was beautiful and I laid out a bit on Thursday and Friday.

We also did some major shopping, and let me just tell man can shop! I've never been able to say this before. We don't usually shop together unless we are just in need of a good quarrel. He can never find what he likes and I can never find what I can afford. Friday was different though! We went to the Premium Outlet in Vegas and tore it up! Both of us walked away with some great finds, the best being my new COACH purses. Yes...I did say purses, as in - more than one! The best part of it all? Jimmy HELPED me pick out these purses. He showed me the cute ones he saw, watched me try them on, gave me his opinion, and even encouraged (yes - like supported) me purchasing more than one!!! I know...I can barely believe it now as I write it!!! I think I fell in love with that man all over again!

We also did A LOT of eating! That's pretty much what I remember most about the trip besides the shopping - the eating!!!

Poor Jimmy had a rough time though. Friday night (remember - the WSOP was on Saturday) he came down with the stomach flu again and spent the entire night puking and...well you know. He then woke up on Saturday (still sick) and dropped a (one) contact down the sink while trying to put them in. He already broke his glasses the first day we were there, so he spent the entire rest of the trip pirate-eyeing everyone behind his sunglasses! This means I also got to walk through the hotel and airport with that guy wearing the sunglasses!!!

I do have to tell you all...I am so glad to be home. And more importantly, I was SO glad to see my JD. I missed that little man. It's so odd going places without him. The first couple of hours Jimmy and I both kept looking to our side to "check on JD"! It was funny because we kept catching each other doing it! I will say it seems we missed JD more than he missed us. He was excited when he first saw us, but he wasn't really ready to leave KK's house. In the car I asked him if I could hold him when we got home, and he said, "No...KK hold you" Which means in JD talk - I want KK to hold me. I love you too JD!

So here we go...back to the daily grind! I'm hoping this week will go by quickly because Friday is the big day! We'll finally know what this precious baby I've grown so attached to is!! I'm still *hoping* it's a girl, but have made peace with the possibility of it being a boy, which means I probably won't cry, just tear up a little!!!

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The Silva's said...

I am glad you had a good time! Now let's see about that new little one... can we see any pink in your future?? Hope you have a great week!