Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mama Said There Would Be Days Like This...

What a 48 hours! If any of you have read this blog for more than a day, you know I have a very adventurous 2 year old on my hands. There are days that this is a wonderful thing and days it's a very exhausting ordeal. It's amazing at times, because he is soooo curious. He loves to see how things work and has no problem entertaining himself.

A lot of days, this leaves a lot of cleaning up to be done. Today was one of those days.

Before I continue, in my defense, I do watch my child. Jimmy and I both do for that matter. The below messes all happened within the last 48 hours and in a matter of SECONDS!!!

Mess #1 - Last night while I was trying to get some work, JD stripped off his pajama bottoms and diaper and ran around naked. This in itself is nothing unusual, unfortunately what followed left mama in tears. JD peed ALL OVER my brand new (purchased on Sunday) red comforter! there was so much pee it puddled. I was in tears and did not take a picture! JD also went straight to be so that I didn't loose it too much with him!

Mess #2 - This morning while I was trying to finalize some weekend camping info with my mom, JD attempted to make breakfast. On the living room end table. I had already gotten out the eggs and left them on the counter. JD took them from there and started cooking in the living room.

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The dogs enjoyed as well.

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I caught him with the windex trying to "clean up"

Mess #3 - Once again I have no picture because you can't quite capture CK Euphoria on camera. He emptied half of my perfume bottle on himself. Oh, and he definitely goes over the 3-squirt limit!

Mess #4 - JD decided he needed to spice up his look and attempted to put mascara on himself. He only managed to get one eye done before being caught!

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Mess #5 - He had so much fun attempting scrambled eggs at breakfast that he decided to play some more. He has learned to open the fridge - and oh what fun it is!!!

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As you can imagine...8:30 couldn't come soon enough! I am off to enjoy some tv with hubs, messy-child-free!


The Silva's said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how close you keep your eyes on them- the messes still come!! Just wait for two...
I remember one time I needed to use the restroom, and decided mommy or not- the door will be closed and locked!!!
What could they possibly do in 90 seconds??? '
Oh, I had to ask,
Jay was about 9 months at the time and AJ 20 months, needless to say there was no more desitin and Jay looked like Casper the friendly ghost.
As I exit the bathroom, I hear AJ; "Mamma, Jay needs butt cream..."
Oh, the horror of cleaning the desitin.

Good luck, but keep writting the stories, they are great to laugh at later on down the road!!
Have fun,

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Oh sister, I am thinking bless your heart for the things that happened and bless my heart for the things that will happen. Love you!

The Hulett Family said...

Oh my gosh! I am rolling over here. Of course I feel for you, cuz I know how aggrivating it can be, but to be honest, to read it from someone else, makes my day! =) It gets better, kind of, but it seems the things they find to get into get worse. I can't tell you how many bottle of baby soap or my face wash have been WASTED in the bath in a matter of 2 seconds to get a towel out of the closet. $20 face wash at that! Needless to say, I dont buy it anymore because no matter how high I put it, I still have my moments that I leave it sitting on the side of the tub and it never fails... Hank wants to use the bottle to squirt with! But really, all you can do is laugh after the fact. It could be worse... and at least it's just a mess and not him hurting himself or anything like that...right? Keep the stories coming cuz I could always use a good laugh! =)
p.s. i still dont think JD can top Hank pooping in the backyard and calling himself little man and then sitting down and scratching his head with his foot like a dog.... =)

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Kim~"Mama G" said...

Next.........sound familar?