Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Keem em coming....

Here's the lastest on B-

Yes, there is news. The good news is B’s iron level is better. It’s still low but better than last month. Since there is an increase I expect for his numbers to continue to increase. His protein level is a different story, it actually decreased. Hopefully there will be improvement next month.

As far as B’s surgery is concerned he does need another surgery in addition to the gastrostomy button (feeding tube in the belly). His biopsy reveled that he has reflux which causes him pain & nausea. The surgery for this sounds painful & I am not sure if B can handle both surgeries at one time. The 2nd surgery called fundoplication requires the top portion of B’s stomach to be wrapped around his esophagus and then stitched together to prevent the stomach acid from backing up to his throat causing him pain.

This is what I found on the internet: What happens during fundoplication?

During the fundoplication procedure, the part of the stomach that is closest to the entry of the esophagus (the fundus of the stomach) is gathered, wrapped, and sutured (sewn) around the lower end of the esophagus and the lower esophageal sphincter. (The gathering and suturing of one tissue to another is called plication.) This procedure increases the pressure at the lower end of the esophagus and thereby reduces acid reflux.Just the sound of this freaks me out!!!!

Our other option is to give him medication (2 diff ones) morning and night everyday and do the reflux surgery later. We are leaning toward this one until we get more info. I don’t see how Byson can be comfortable having the tube in his stomach next to his belly button and his stomach wrapped around his esophagus at the same time. This is way too much!! Please please give me your advice!!! I am so stressed about this.

and I too will be posting an update on the Van Fam later today. We are all doing very well. JD is driving me crazy one minute and making me laugh so hard the next!!! This baby is a movin'! She's a lot less crazy than JD right now, which is great, but she's already practicing her flip-flops I can tell!! Jimmy and I are trying to get things done around here now that we are offically staying in this house! Anyways...more to come later...we have a playdate I need to get ready for!

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