Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Prayers Please

I've spoken of my good friend D before and her precious son. They have been doing good for quite some time now, but once again B is going back in for more procedure.

The last month B has had a feeding tube in place (through) his nose to help nourish him back to a healthy two-year old. The problem is, the tube keeps coming out. So tomorrow B goes back in for more procedures, more one that...

As you all know B needs another surgery. After his appointment today his Dr. decided that she wants to do more test before his surgery to place the feeding tube in his stomach via his belly instead of his nose. She wants to make sure he does not need another surgical procedure before having surgery so he want have to go back a second time.

B has to be at Texas Children's Hospital @ 8am. He is having three procedures done and will receive anesthesia. The actual test start at 9:30 but we have to be there early so he gets the antibiotics for his heart and for the anesthesia. He will have a biopsy of his esophagus, stomach, & intestines. He will also have a scope test done. Once this is completed he will have a tube inserted through his nose to his stomach (kind of like his feeding tube) for 24 hours to test the amount of acid he has in his stomach. We will return to the hospital on Friday to have the tube removed.

Based on the results his doctor gets on Friday and Monday we will know if B needs one or two surgical procedures. The plan is for B to have surgery next week to place the feeding tube in his stomach through his belly next to his belly button. The good thing is his face will be free and I want have to worry about his tube being pulled out while he is playing or simply moving around.

I am hoping that between his biopsies and surgery he will recover quickly and life will start to be easier for him. I am so nervous about this but I know this is the best thing for B, its just that he had surgery in April and B tends to take longer to recover than the doctors expect. Please keep us in your prayers and we will see you as soon as he is recovered.

Please help me in lifting this precious family up in prayer. They are such incredible people and it breaks my heart every time I hear bad news about B. If you could just see what a normal 2-year old he wants to be!


The Silva's said...
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The Silva's said...

The prayers are flowing! May God lay his hand upon this child and his family. We are praying for a full recovery and that one day he too will run and play just like his friends.