Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Balloon Affair

I've posted about this before. The complete strangeness of my child and his desire to play with anything not found in his toy box or in his toy tubs drives me crazy. He has a room full of toys ranging from little play people to blocks and cars. Yet...he'd rather play with your odd ins and outs.

Today his biggest thrill was a balloon. Not even a helium balloon y'all, a regular makes-your-head-spin blowing it up balloon. We actually went through 3 balloons today. The first one was yellow and he played with for so long that it popped. I tied a ribbon to the end of the balloon at the belly button and he'd sit on it and I'd rip it out from under him. He'd then laugh uncontrollably; therefore, making daddy and I laugh so hard we had to rewind So You Think You Can Dance? to see the judges reactions!!!

Balloon two was orange. We lost this balloon at Home Depot (coincidence? yes!). He just had to take it out of the car and the wind caught it in the parking lot. Jimmy chased it a few rows over but the wind was picking up and well...he wasn't running!

Balloon Three is still going strong, and red for those who are keeping track. I'd like to say it's happily resting on the couch, but NO. It went to sleep with JD tonight. AND YES!! I know it's a choking hazard and that I'm crazy, but not to worry, I can still hear him in there playing with it, so as soon as he quiets down I'll sneak in there and take it away.

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