Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer Fun Has Begun!

In our house we know when summer has begun not by the heat, or ending of school, but by the annual posting of the Nina Loca Summer Fun List!!! And I can officially say - IT'S SUMMER!!!

It's up and BETTER THAN EVER!!! For those of you NEW to Houston or those that don't live here but might be visiting - you MUST check it out!! It's an awesome list put together by moms for moms (and dads) of the happenings in H-Town! She has everything from restaurants where kids eat free to summer camps and mom's day outs!

Here's the site -

Oh, and those that would like to do some summer advertising - you can place an ad on the site as well! Just contact Shanna Marsh at for more information! Shanna (and her husband Ryan who redesigned the website) are the newest addition to Nina Loca.

So check it our...and THANKS Christina for your hardwork!!

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