Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I still Love My Husband...Despite...

I'm happy to say that I did get Jimmy's Father's Day gift ordered. Now let's hope it comes in on time. He told me that I better not spend very much since we are going to Vegas next week. Funny...rarely do the words "You better not spend to much" come out of my mouth when referring to a gift. Only when Jimmy goes to Golf Galaxy...or Academy...or Vegas, except that he starts his Vegas Fund like 6 months before we leave so that he doesn't. He's good like that.

So...in honor of Father's Day another post about my Jimmy. But first...

NOT a reason why I love my husband...

...His hair cutting skills!!

Exhibit A:


it gets better...


and in case that angle wasn't good enough...


A little background info...Sunday night we were discussing how JD needed a haircut. He needs a haircut once a month and after month 2 we take him. We are over achievers, this family. Normally we argue over whos gonna take him. I think Jimmy should because a) it would be a great bonding experience and b) regardless of how great his hair looks after I take him, Jimmy always says it's too short. (Please see exhibit A - that my friends - is too short). At this point JD decides he'd like some input on his hair. Because, you know, it's his. He informs us that he would like his haircut like Uncle Bubba. Uncle Bubba is bald. As in...shaves his head with a Bic. Umm...No. But after much debating yesterday, we do decide to buzz it. Which solves the problem of who's taking him because we can do that ourselves. I so should have known better (again, please refer to Exhibit A). Long story short....Jimmy gets started. His resoning behind JD's bald spots are the scissors. I am not sure what part of buzzing JD's head made him think I am going to get out the scissors, but nevertheless, he did. He cut it shorter that the No. 3 guard, resulting in what strangely looks like ring-worm on my precious sons head. Awesome. So, today when daddy gets home from work he's taking him to TGF to get it faded on the sides. I will post if it gets better!

On a positive note...it's really cute from the front.


And on to better things.


He's an incredible father. He loves these two kiddos more than I can ever begin to describe. I know to many this is a given. A father loves their children. But after growing up the way I did and with a father like I did, you realize that not all 'love' is the same. There's nothing like our Heavenly Father's love. It's a love so unconditional; earthly fathers pale in comparison. That being said, Jimmy does a dang well job.

JD races to the front door the minute Jimmy walks in the door. He begs Jimmy to take him with him whenever Jimmy leaves. JD thinks his daddy hung the moon and stars. He loves him with all his might and I love them both even more because of this.

They are two peas in a pod. JD will do things throughout the day and I think, 'Oh my word...if that wasn't Jimmy junior I don't know what is.' Carbon copies those two. I love watching Jimmy love JD. There are so many things that Jimmy is just itching to do with his boy. I know he can not wait for the day that they play in their first golf tournament together. Or the day that JD outdrives his daddy (good luck with this one JD). Or the day that they hang their scorecards on the fridge to display JD's winning score. I know he can't wait to go to his first t-ball game. And to watch him score his first run. I know Jimmy can't wait to see the look on JD's face the first time he hits a homerun. He loves that boy so much.

He loves his little girl too. He knows that she's already got him wrapped around his finger. With every ounce of that precious 17lb (I estimate) body, she's a mama's girl. And she can wear her daddy out like no one else. But the minute she smiles that tooth-less grin and scrunches her nose at him, he's weak in the knees. She loves her daddy. She knows his name. She doesn't say it yet, but I can ask "Where's Daddy?" and she knows right where to look. He really does love her so much. I have a feeling those guns will be out and will be cleaned before too long.

I am blessed. I am blessed beyond measure to have a man who loves his children so much. Thank you sweet Jesus for blessing me with him. For giving me a man that isn't afraid to show his kids how much he loves them. I'd endure every heart-break with my own father again just to marry a man that is so different.

Thank you for Your unconditional love Father. Thank you for loving me so much that You sent Your only Son to die on a rugged cross so that I may live. Thank you for only letting me get so far before pulling me back to You. Thank you for loving me so much and teaching me how to love. It's because of Your great love that I can make it through any storm.

Jimmy with his babies...



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