Saturday, June 14, 2008

A New Look...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am working on a new look for my blog. I am about to submit all of requests for the new design. I am excited to say the least. I will also be saying goodbye to the title I have had for the last couple of years. "The Van Fam" will still be in the sub-title, but I will have a whole new BLOG TITLE. You will have to wait to see what it is, but it captivates the best of both my worlds!!! Plus, the pictures I am working on are too cute.

Anyways...just FYI - keep an eye out for it! I can't wait!

As for other stuff...

I think JD is turning into a fish. He has always loved the water, but has always been pretty cautious. He's not one to jump in or leave the steps for that matter - until now. This summer for the first time he finally tried the floaties. We've been trying to get him to wear them for 2 summers now and he's have none of it. Well, Monday we went over to my mom's to swim with Shannon and before I ran by Target to pick up a few things. I thought I'd give the floaties one more shot - and I am so glad I did. JD had a bawl with them and has literally swam the length of the pool a hundred times since.

We've done a lot of swimming this week alone and went back to my mom's today to swim. I ran a few errands while Kenzie slept and KK and JD swam. Those two are buds and he has a blast. He passed out early this evening. I love this swimming and then sleeping thing!!

We have no set plans for tomorrow. We might head out to the lake or just hang at my mom's. I told Jimmy he could decide. nice am I? Regardless, we'll be together as a family and what could beat that. Oh...and just in case you were wondering...5 more days until Jimmy and I leave for Vegas. Whoo hoo! I want to do nothing but lay by the pool and possibly shop a little. Just a little though.

I am gonna grab a pre-midnight snack, read a little, and then go to bed. I am looking forward to church in the morning and want to well rested for praying and worshipping!

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Amy said...

can't wait to see the new blog!