Thursday, June 05, 2008

Soaking and Praying

One of the best parts of our newish home is the master bathroom. Actually, when it comes to master baths it's really nothing too extraordinary, but it has an amazing tub. Actually, it could have a completely un-amazing tub and I'd still just be happy to have a tub. That I don't have to share with JD and MacKenzie. Our old house only had one bathtub, and it was in the kid's bathroom. We only had a stand-up shower in ours. In general it wasn't that big of a deal, but on nights when other mom's were relaxing in their garden tubs with candles and wine I was crawling into my kiddos cramped bathtub with crayon-markings on the walls and a duck head staring at me from the faucet. Nothing says kick back and relax like a rubber ducky making you feel all naked and stuff. So when the time came to look for a new house, a bathtub in my very own was a MUST and even a PLUS if it was bigger than the standard bath in all circa 1980 homes.

So, tonight I enjoyed a wonderful soak in my big girl tub. It's been a LONG week and as a family we are going though some pretty trying times right now. The enemy is trying so hard to bring us down and I was dealt another blow tonight. That being said - I needed a soak. A soak with lavender and vanilla candles and some smell good in my bath. Jimmy is out bowling tonight so as soon as I got the kids down, I started the water. I *love* lighting brand new candles. It's one of those silly things that brings me joy. I've had candles circling my tub for months and tonight was the first night I lit them. If you are ever looking for good relaxing bath or bedroom candles might I recommend this and these! And if you are needing a Rep to buy them from, let me know. I have a friend in the neighborhood who sells them. All of their candles are WONDERFUL and I burn nothing else. I also was looking really forward to using some new bath products that I purchased from the wonderful world of Etsy. Seriously's all about etsy these days! I *love* buying bath stuff now that I have a real bathtub worthy of good smelling things that come in containers not featuring the characters from Cars. So, because I refuse to buy anything in a traditional store these days, I went to my favorite website on earth. Etsy (in cased you missed it the first 5 times I mentioned it). And a few days later I received a whole shipment of good stuff.

So. Back to my running water and candles. I decided on a bath bomb tonight because the scent name was Sweet Dreams and Mama needed her some sweet dreams! Oh, and sweet it was. Oh my was heavenly smelling. Seriously. I think if I have a say so in how heaven smells, I want it to smell just like that bath bomb did. I've already gotten back on the Kristin's Cosmetics site and requested more bath bombs in this scent and some lotion and bath wash in it as well!!! It was so relaxing and even had little lavender blossoms in it. These floated right along side of me as I washed and PRAYED my troubles away. Of course, they also stuck to me once I got out of the bath but SO worth it. Just please let me know tomorrow if you see a lavender blossom (somewhat resembles a bug) in my hair.

I am feeling better and my heart isn't quite as heavy. But do take my advice and get you some lavender and chamomile candles, some relaxing bath stuff, and just soak~

What the heck...not technically a FAVE post, but totally deserves a FAVE tag!


The Silva's said...

I feel you on the bath thing, right now the master bath has only a stand up shower. We have been debating on remodeling or buying a newer house, there will be a big girl tub in my near future for sure either way!!!

Felicia said...

I'm not sure if you've tried it but 'Kristin's Cosmetics' lavender foot scrub is amazing.