Thursday, June 05, 2008

Summer Bible Study

It's funny how God directs you to the site you need to be at when you need to be there. I've been behind on my blogging and blog-reading because of the circus at our house (and mom's for the last week). We didn't literally have lions and tigers, but more like a ton of family. This was all because of my sweet sister's graduation! That is a coming post I promise. So, I am getting caught up and was reading the last 2 weeks of LPM's posts. And I was sooo excited to come across this one!!! I can't think of anything I need more that some serious fellowship and accountability the next few months. readers. Is anyone interested? Melissa - I really wish we could do this together but I know you can't come in town every other week and I am pretty sure Jimmy would object to me driving to Dallas on a Tuesday evening. Unless I take the kids. Which would be more like babysitting than Bible Study! Anyways...anyone up for a Summer Bible Study? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller....PLEASE let me know if so!!! I'd LOVE to do this with some woman!!


The Silva's said...

I would totally be interested, I am not sure when you were looking to do something, but you can shoot me an e-mail to see if our schedules would work.

Amanda said...

Steph, I don't have anyone I'm doing it with either. We need to talk about this!

kris said...

i'm in ... let me know!!