Monday, June 09, 2008

Happy Father's Day Week!

You have 6 days to get on the ball. I have 6 days to get on the ball. I am pretty sure I know what I am getting my sweet husband, but need to make sure I can find them!

In honor of Father's Day and copying the idea from Kristin at We Are That Family I am going to try and do a daily post about my husband and the things I love most about him. You should do the same or comment me on what you love most about your husband each day!!! Oh, and take a minute to check out Kristin's blog today. One lucky reader/commenter will received a husband cookbook in time for Father's Day.

One of my favorite things about Jimmy is that he lets me be myself. I am a total dork. Really, I am. My sister tells me this daily. I don't realize I am being dorky, probably because it comes so naturally to me. If you were a fly on the wall at my house you would see this at any given time during the day...

- me dancing shamelessly through my house to music, or no music. I happen to think for a white girl, I have a little rhythm. Thank you Texas Cheer for teaching me how to shake what my mama gave me! That being said. I much rather prefer dancing like I don't. I have a thing with dancing poorly. Back when I spent Thursday-Saturday evenings shakin' it in the Rice Village area this was my favorite way to un-attract guys. Some girls just tell a guy she ain't "feelin' it" - I bust out the Carlton from Fresh Prince. That's what I do.

- me talking in the strangest voices to my kids or the dogs or myself. Some mom's talk in the "baby talk" voice. Not me. I use any character voice I can think of. If I wasn't a mom in Houston, I'd be a waitress-until-I-get-my-big-break in LA.

- me SINGING. I love to sing. Really, I love to sing as much as I love to dance. I've often thought that if I weren't a mom, I'd move to LA and attempt to become a music video dancer/lip syncer. many dreams. Did I mention, I can't sing. At all. I am pretty much the worst singer ever. If my husband blogged (he doesn't) and did a list about 'The 10 Most Annoying Things My Wife Does' (he wouldn't), 'sing' would be at the TOP of that list. He hates it. Really hates it.

- me making faces. I play this game with anyone that will play with me, usually just JD, where the object is to make the funniest face you can think of. I also do this on car trips with Jimmy. Usually I do the face making and Jimmy does the eye-rolling and laughing. He does laugh though, so I WIN! I love to come up with new faces. I do it constantly. I have a new one at the moment (it's a face I saw someone make on 'So You Think You Can Dance' and I love it. Jimmy told me that if ever I want to "turn him off" I should make that face. I love you too.

So...back to the point of this post. There was one. I love my husband for allowing me to do all the above and still loving me for it. I know he may roll his eyes and tell me I am so incredibly weird, but at the same time I know he loves me for it. I think it just amazes him that I really don't care if I am embarrassing or not. And I am not. At least to myself.

I love you my sweet hubby. God created you for me and I am so thankful to Him for it. You are more than I could have ever dreamed of...

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Erin said...

Yay!!!! Another dork like me...Bible study is going to be FUN, well not that I see us breaking out any new moves during the serious parts (are there serious parts? this is my first Bible study) but maybe before? after? regardless...I'm looking forward to it :)