Thursday, July 19, 2007

Our Sweet B is going back in

Here are the updates on B. Please keep this sweet boy in your prayers, he's already endured so much. For those who don't know what he's already gone through, read these first:

B #1

B #2

B #3

B #4

Here's the latest since B's last surgery:

B has been out of surgery for a while, and just woke up about 30 minutes ago. The surgery was about an hour longer than expected b/c they had some trouble with his anesthesia, but the overall result was very good.

He's still on oxygen and wheezing so they're going to be giving him a breathing treatment soon. She said that he did ask for his puppy, but his voice is just a whisper b/c of the tubes they had down him. Tomorrow they're going to try to start a liquid diet and over the next few days try to get him to start eating.

Because of his reaction to the reflux meds he was on, they can't give him a whole lot for pain. He's on Tylenol w/codeine and morphine when he's awake. He has 5 incisions in his tummy and is pretty sore.

I talked to D this afternoon...B hasn't made any progress today. They were hoping he would be on liquids today, but everytime they take him off the oxygen his heart rate goes up really high. As soon as he can get his oxygen levels regulated on his own, he can start on liquids then proceed to solids. She said that he hasn't had anything to eat in about 48 hours, so they have to limit his pain meds since his stomach is empty. He's in a lot of pain, but thankfully he sleeps a lot so he doesn't have to feel it all day. The dr wants him to walk 3 times a day, and they tried to take a walk today, but he was in too much pain. They'll try again tomorrow. She's thankful that the surgery went well and he hasn't had any major complications though. Stable with no progress is better than a setback. She said to tell everyone hello and thanks for all the prayers.

From D....
B's heart rate won't come down and stay down. Its been around 200 since yesterday which is about double what it should be. He has also been running a temperture around 102. He's also in a lot a pain and refuses to take anything by mouth (its been 2 1/2 days since hes had solid food, which is milk for him) so we can't move forward until he does. We can't give him more pain meds other than the morphine and we can't test out his new feeding tube. Right now they are about to change his IV since the one he has now is not working properly and his hand and arm is swollen. Today I am praying for a much better day . I am so sorry to be such a downer but I am so tired, frustrated, and I hurt for my baby, he is in so much pain. I just really needed to let this out. Thanks so much for listening and for being here for us. Hopeully B will feel much better today. Again I thank you for ALL of your prayers and support!

D just called and said that B will have another procedure at 1pm. Since he hasn't eaten for over 3 days, and isn't looking well, they're going to feed him through his veins. They run a line through the vein right on top of his heart and it will stay there until he can start eating on his own. She's very worried since it's so close to his heart, his heart rate has been very high for a while now, and he already has heart complications. PLEASE say a prayer for him around 1pm.

I'm asking all you prayer warriors out there...please say a prayer. B is such a delight and our playgroup misses him and his mommy sooo much. We are so ready to have our happy little B hack!

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