Thursday, July 12, 2007

One more...on B

B is going in for another surgery...please keep the prayers coming

B will have his surgery at Texas Children's Hospital on Tuesday July 17th. He will remain in the hospital for about 4 days. The doctor told me today that the surgery will take about 2 hours. I almost fell to the floor when he told me this. This is B's 3rd surgery since Oct. of last year and none of them came close to taking this long. I mean what am I going to do for 2 hours besides cry my eyeballs out. I am so sorry to be venting like this but I have so many emotions going on right now.

Any way the surgery is 2 hrs b/c the surgeon said its best to do all three procedures so that B won't have to go back for surgery. He will have the G button (tube placed in his stomach), his gall stone removed and the fundoplacation (wrapping the top part of his stomach around his esophagus) since he is having allergic reactions to the medication and to stop his coughing and vomiting long enough for his esophagus to heal so that he will feel more comfortable eating. I am praying so hard that this will give B the break he needs. By the time he gets out of the hospital we will be moving into our new house. I wish the timing was better but this is how my life has played out. It feels like its going to be forever b/4 I can see you all again.

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