Monday, April 09, 2007

This Old House

Amanda over at Baby Bangs asked for an here's gonna be long and no, not because my life is so over the top exciting, but because it's been one of those months....

As many of you know, we are in the process of selling our house. The following is the exciting timeline of this:

January 15th - end of February: I suffered through endless showings. This alone can be difficult, but throw a 2-year old, master-mess-maker into the mix and you've got a whole kind of "difficult". If I was lucky, the showing company would call an hour-1/2 before the showing and I'd approve regardless if I was still in my pajamas and JD had just finished an art masterpiece on the wall. I'd run around like a mad-woman cleaning the place and begging JD to help. After a few failed attempts, I'd strap him in his booster seat in front of the tv with 3-4 dum-dum suckers and pray!

February (end): We got an offer and then made an offer!! Whoo-hoo!! Closing date set for March 23!!

10 Days Later: The buyers would now like a laundry list of repairs done - fun!

March 21: The buyers want to move the closing date to March 26th (OKAY!)

March 24: The inspector comes back out and is not pleased (let's just say mis-communication on our realtor's part)

March 25-26: We bust our tails trying to get the reapirs done. There is literally contractor after contractor coming through our house. I'm now good-friends with one of the handy-men! We move the closing back a day.

March 27: Closing has been rescheduled for Wednesday - after much arguing from Jimmy b/c we are suppose to close on our new house AND leave town by Thursday.

March 28 (Wed - AM): We call to check on the closing and hear it went great.
March 28 (Wed - PM): We get a call that the buyer backed out!! WHAT???!!!! Yes, they no longer want the house - they loose their earnest money. WHAT???!!!

Thursday - A VERY unhappy Jimmy and Stephanie take little JD to Mississippi for some R&R and furniture moving.

So, our house is back on the market. The whole ordeal has been so frusterating. After already packing most of our house up and spending countless hours on repairs, we are staying a bit longer. I've had to unpack a bunch of thing and attempt to get the house back in showable condition. So here we go again....

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Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

That's awful! So they showed up to the closing and then backed out? What a nightmare!