Monday, April 16, 2007

Momma...I Got It!

Around a year old, JD found his nose. Well, not necessarily his nose but his nose in, he learned to stick his fingers in his nose. It wasn't quite the process of picking, but more or less just sticking them in the holes. I have a great picture of this at the dinner table (nice)

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So...we've moved past this...on to bigger and better things.

Like picking his nose. Actually picking it.

The best part is not the actual picking but the finding. He's a true man on a mission. And once he's done, He proudly anounces, "Mommy, I got it! Here go!"

He sure knows how to make his momma proud!


Kim~"Mama G" said...

Just wait Sweet Pea, won't be long until he'll be bringing you frogs, snakes, lizards, and all kinds of bugs!!! The fun is just beginning with a little boy! You just brought me mud pies and flowers. Shan, more of the tom-boy, brought me flowers and rocks. Boys, on the other hand, go after all kinds of "boy" things. He's just practicing!!!! You can admire the determination he has in getting that dang boog! I love you and that little guy more than life!!

Pidcha's Mom said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!! Hope he not find the way to put what he's found in his mouth like Pidcha did before EWWW!!

Stephanie you're so funny ^___^