Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Today I went to the funeral of a dear friend's dad. This is a woman I grew up calling Aunt Lizby and literally thought of as another "mom". It was as most funerals are, sad and tear jerking, but SO BEAUTIFUL. Quite possibly one of the most beautiful funeral I've ever attended.

This is my third in the last 8 months.

They don't get any easier either.

The first wasn't so much a funeral as a memorial service. It was to date, the hardest thing I've gone through with my family. It was for Jimmy's dad. Jimmy and I have been together for 7 years in May, married for 2-1/2. I've watched him hurt many times. He lost a dear friend and mentor shortly after we started dating. He made the decision to quit pursuing his dream of being a professional golfer the year after. He lost another golf friend a while later. Losing his dad was the hardest and most difficult thing I've had to sit by and watch in 7 years. There is nothing harder than doing just that - sitting back and watching. As a mother, it's only natural for us to want to take other's pain away. Especailly that of your family. I've never wanted to take away someone's pain like I did the weeks following Jim's passing. I've also never fallen harder in love with my husband than I did during those weeks. He's an amazing man - an amazing son, brother, husband, father, and best friend.

About a month ago, I went to a funeral for a friend's mom. It was also very difficult. It brought back those familiar memories from Jimmy's dad. I saw it on Jimmy's face too. I hurt so bad for both of my friend's that were affected by this loss. One, a friend we've known since high school. The other, his sister that I've become good friends with. Both incredible people with life's that are only beginning. Austin is pursuing his dreams in Colorado. Sweet Amy is raising 2 precious children, Camryn who's 2 and Carder who's 8 months - both who will barely remember their grandmother. It was heartbreaking and still is. I think of Austin and Amy often and pray that they are able to move on and be better people beacuse of it.

Today's was one that was completely different. Sad? Yes. Hard? Yes. Tear-Jerking? Yes. But BEAUTIFUL? Absolutely. It was the funeral for an 87 year old man who had LIVED his life. As Aunt Lizby said, he literally "Lived until he died." He spent the last 8 years completely in love with his wife and LIVING and SERVING the Lord. It was INSPIRATIONAL to say the least!

I walked away with many thoughts, but one rang out loud and true. I want to LIVE life EVERY DAY like it's my LAST. I want my last day to be spent LIVING and SERVING.

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