Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Quick Hello

I really need to get in bed, seeing how I have a million and one things to do tomorrow before we leave for Mississippi. Yes my blog friends, another road trip for The Van Fam. I am VERY happy to report that this trip will be a relaxing one because we have no agenda. Just soaking up every minute we get to spend with Nana, PawPaw, Uncle Chirs, Aunt Julie, Uncle Bubba, AUnt Tina, and Co. I can't wait. This is all JD has talked about since Monday. He has a serious thing for his Nana and PawPaw. It's funny because he knows they live in Mississippi but so does Uncle Bobby and Aunt Alice, which is where we went for the 4th. I know...it's all too confusing. So now he asks, "Are we going to the Nana and PawPaw Mississippi or the Mississippi with Uncle Bobby and the boat?" LOL!!

I also have a 9-monther on my hands. MacKenzie turned 9 months on Sunday. How is this so? How is it possible that in 3 months we will be celebrating a First Birthday. My heart aches knowing how fast time is flying. I want to hold these babies in my arms forever. I just love them both and can't stand the thought of them growing up.

We did the torteous Professional pictures today. Seriously...it was awful. I was so stressed out when we got done. I have never used so much bribing in my life. I was so desperate for a smile out of JD that I even resorted to, "If you don't smile we will not go to Nana and PawPaw's house!" He smiled. Thank goodness b/c I'd hate to have to follow through with that one. I don't have the pictures to show off right now b/c I don't have time to scan them to my computer, but y'all, it was worth the trouble. There are some that are absolutely precious! I will share as soon as we return home.

I will blog soon from the land of Mississippi!



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August said...

I can't wait to see the new pics! I am sure they look so adorable! Have a safe and fun trip to Mississippi! P.S. your blog looks soooo cute! :o)