Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday Night Update

The latest...

July 11 - 10:07 p.m.
B is out of surgery. His transfusion went well. They found the lodged stint in his appendix and removed both the stint and the appendix. His fever is constant and has reached 104 several times, but he is sedated and sleeping now. He will be on the ventilator for some time b/c it's just taking to much for him to breathe on his own right now with the collapsed lung. D and C are hoping to get a room at the Ronald McDonald house for tonight and are planning on trying to get some rest. Keep them all in your prayers. I think they're needed more than ever right now!


Liz said...

again, you don't know me...but my friends and i are all praying for this precious boy.
is there anything we can do for the family?
are they comfortable at the ronald mcdonald house?
do they need a home cooked meal?
anything at all?
we would love to serve and love on this family...please let us know.
we live in houston and not far from the med center.
we are praying constantly for a good report.

The Silva's said...

B and his family remain in our prayers, they will continue to be even well after he is healed enough to go home and run around driving his mom crazy making messes. The Lord will watch over him and his family. Our Heavenly Father will give them the stregth and the courage to make it through each day one after the other. God will grace the doctors and staff with knowledge and the ability to heal B and send him home with his parents so that they may once again be whole again. Lord, we know that you put obsitcles in front of us and that there is nothing to hard, too bad, for us to handle with you on our side. YOu, our saviour will guide this family and the staff that help them to the finish line. That one day that child will live an amazingly full live that he and his parents and friends and family will be proud of. They are all in our thoughts and prayers.
Please let us know if there is anything else we can do for them, does he need blood or platlettes donated in his name? Let me know, God's will be done and this innocent child heald to a complete recovery!!