Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Much Better Update...

I am happy to post that Mr. B is doing much better! Here's the latest update...

August 12 - noon
Last night was such a great night with B. Although he is pretty sedated, he would open his eyes occasionally. He gave Amy and I both got smiles and would nod in response to yes and no questions. Amy would hold his hand and he'd clutch it and if she let go to sit down, he'd reach for her and make a little sound, and so she'd go back and hold it, and his heart rate would go back down and he would get soooo peaceful.

He had a few small episodes of discomfort, but nothing too major. His fever spiked to over 104, but was coming down just before we left around 6 am, and they were due to give tylenol at 7. Devona and Charlie got to go have dinner together and have a much needed 5-6 hour nap TOGETHER. They looked like brand new people this morning. Guys, this is by far one of the best visits I've had and one of the best nights the entire Burt family has had. He had the sweetest nurse who treated him as though her were her child. You all know, a nurse can make or break your stay in a hospital.

Okay, now for what is needed!!! B's blood isn't coagulating, so he is still losing some blood. They are trying vitamin k to see if that helps. If not, he'll need more blood. His color looked so good yesterday. He had that little golder brown glow that we all know. So, anyone can give blood at any gulf coast regional blood center.

There is an office at Fallbrook and 1960 near the tx childrens satellite office. Just give them Byson Burt's name and that he is in Tx child hosp. And the wonderful news is that if he doesn't need it, it won't go to waste. We've met several other families up there who I'm sure could use it, so it will go to someone.

I talked to D at 11:30 and she said B was still stable and that he smiled at her and was reaching out to her. I was so happy. And when she called, she was all chipper!! She's got her hope and her fight back now and so does that little man.

Hmm...and I also thought I'd share some pictures that I took of JD today. We went to a birthday party for JD's friend Carder and had a blast! I swear, this little man just melts my heart!!!

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The Silva's said...

OUr God is an awesome God, and His miracles, though not easily explained, are never half way done. He is not done working His magic on little B and He will continue to work through the doctors and the staff as well as all the other care takers for that little man. Once His miracle is complete, B and his family will enjoy a long happy life together!
We are still praying for that little guy and a full recovery!!